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Why attending Inman Connect matters: a look back

Founder Brad Inman always says, “Inman is its readers.” Well, our events are our attendees. While we make sure to deliver on speakers and experiences, and the most dedicated, hard-working, curious, and motivated real estate professionals continue to come to our events. And you should be part of it.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to share some personal stories from attendees on why the event matters to them. Some are people you might know and some you might not. But either way, they all want you to know why attending Inman Connect is so important and powerful.

You never know who you will meet—or where

The year was 2008 when Jay Thompson ran into Pete Flint in the bathroom at Inman Connect San Francisco.

“I remember it because it was Pete freaking Flint who started this Trulia thing that, at that time, was just a couple of years old — but already causing a ruckus in the real estate space,” Thompson recalled.

That meeting was one of many that have stayed with him over the years. “Attend Connects year after year, and you will soon lose count of how many people you meet there,” he said. “From brand new real estate agents to startup founders to CEOs of multibillion dollar corporations—and everything in between—you can meet them all at Connect.”


Advice for first-time attendees

Tracy Wolchock Freeman wants you to be social. “Talk to people before and after the sessions,” she said. “Talk to people in the lobby. Talk to people in the bathroom (at the sink). Chances are they don’t know anyone either. Oh and talk to the vendors, they definitely want to talk to you!”

Sean Carpenter advises attendees to stay open-minded about who they learn from. “​​Don’t leave the general sessions when you see a speaker who isn’t in real estate. The most memorable Inman sessions I’ve attended had nothing to do with real estate, but everything to do with customer service, innovative thinking, overcoming challenges, or standing out.”

Karen Eastman Bigos says you should never eat alone. “Invite stray people to join you! Some of the best tips, hacks, and apps I learned came from strangers who I met at lunch!”

Be ready to be surprised

At one such Inman Connect, Marilyn Wilson of the WAV Group was taken aback to realize that “sometimes technology is not the answer. It can be distracting or overwhelming. That it can prevent agents from doing what works best: like writing a personal thank you note or congratulating a client whose child just got accepted into a major university.”

And lastly, be ready to make new friends and expand your network. The impact will forever change your business, as Dusky Baker explained.

“I can personally attest that I was able to meet and create new relationships with top real estate professionals from all over the nation. These relationships inevitably end in referral business and additional business exposure.”

All this and more awaits you at Inman Connect Las Vegas this October!

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