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When to Quit a Job

It’s hard to know when to quit a job, but sometimes it’s the right move. We make it easy to decide if you shoudl quit your job or stick it out.

 Not every job is a good fit, but it’s hard to know when to quit a job, and when to keep trying. Whether you’re unhappy at your job, or don’t feel like you’re maximizing your potential, sometimes it is the best move to quit and find something better. Often, top performers change jobs every one to two years to make sure they’re constantly being challenged. If you’re wondering if you should quit your job, make sure to follow the steps below before you decide to quit. 

Note: these rule only applies if your personal safety is not endangered at work. If you feel unsafe at work, you have every right to quit before you have your next job lined up. In fact, that may be the smartest decision. 

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How to know it’s time to quit a job 

Before you decide to quit a job, you need to think about what’s making you unhappy. Maybe you’re not getting paid enough, or you hate commuting. 

One of Ramit’s friends, for example, was unhappy about having to pay the toll every day for her commute–a very understandable complaint. 

Once you know why you’re unhappy, you need to go to your boss and talk to them about it. This is a crucial step most people skip. 

Take the toll example. I guarantee her boss would have moved heaven and earth if he’d known an employee was close to leaving over $6.00 per day. $6.00 per day is nothing to companies, who on average spend more than $4,000 recruiting candidates

For managers,  It’s much cheaper and easier to give you small enticements and keep you happy, rather than sending you packing–which just creates more work for them.

Chelsie got a 26%+ raise just by asking!

This is why it’s crucial to ask for what you need before you leave a job. One ask can go a long way.

But first, you have to ask.

Let’s say you go to your boss and ask for a raise, explaining that you’re unhappy. Your boss says no. 

Is there anything else that might make this job worth staying at? Maybe a few more vacation days every year, or the ability to work from home a few days per week. Try negotiating for other perks that would make you happy to stay at this job. 

If your boss shuts you down at every turn, it might be time to quit. Most bosses will try to find a solution that works for both of you. If they don’t, they’ve sent a clear message that they don’t care if you quit. Which means you’re free to look for a better job with no guilt or regrets. 

when to quit a job decision tree
Use this decision tree to decide when to quit a job

What to do if you do need to quit a job 

The best time to look for a job is when you already have one. If you can tough it out for a few more weeks, you can start your search for a better job without worrying about making rent. This also gives you the opportunity to extend your search, and focus on finding your dream job

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