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What To Look For When Partnering With A Team

Whether you are on the hiring side or on the candidate side of the table, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to partner with an agent or team.

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Adam Hergenrother is the founder and CEO of Livian. He believes that business is nothing but a conduit for personal growth and embraces the company’s vision to Love How You Live. When he’s not leading and growing his organizations, you can find Adam either in the mountains or out in nature with his wife and three children.

Are you looking to grow your real estate business by partnering with a top-producing agent or team? Whether you are on the hiring side or on the candidate side of the table, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, and most importantly, you actually have to want to be in a partnership. If being in a partnership sounds right to you, then you must find a team and CEO who embraces your entrepreneurial spirit, fosters your learning and growth, and truly wants to go through life and business with a partner, like Zuckerberg said.

But remember, not all leaders want that type of partnership. It will be incredibly frustrating and demotivating if you do, and it is not reciprocated. Being aware of what you want and how your prospective leader operates is imperative for a productive and lasting partnership.

Once you have decided that a partnership is for you, here are four things that I recommend you look for when partnering with a top agent or another team. Agents and team leaders, take a look at this list too and see if you are showing up that way (especially if you are looking to merge or partner with another team now or in the future).

Are they motivated?

When looking to partner with another team or top agent, I look for motivated individuals. Not real estate agents who need motivation or can be motivated, but rather those who are hungry and driven to do the work required to get to their goals. No one else can give that to someone. It must be self-generated.

Are they aggressive?

When looking to partner with another team or top agent, I look for aggressive individuals. The word aggressive has negative connotations, but what I’m looking for here is determination, a focus towards one’s goals, and yes, maybe a little forceful when needed. This doesn’t mean unkind or not empathetic, it just means a focused application of pressure.

I want to partner with those individuals who will get the job done. I want my clients to have a motivated and aggressive real estate professional working on their behalf. I want someone who is aggressive about their personal growth and business success. Don’t you?

Are they speedy?

When looking to partner with another team or top agent, I look for people with speed. Not reckless or careless speed, but speed to action once a plan is in place. I want to partner with a team that isn’t afraid to move quickly and is confident enough in their abilities to solve any problems that may come up along the way.

Ideas are great, but they are nothing without implementation. The ability to process large quantities of information quickly, and then translate that into thoughtful action is important to me in a partner. We are on a rocket ship of growth; I need partners who aren’t afraid of a little speed.

Are they intelligent?

When looking to partner with another team or top agent, I look for intelligent people. Intelligence is flexible and changeable. I want to partner with a real estate team leader who has the ability and willingness to learn, grow and improve over time. I am looking for someone with a growth mindset, cognitive flexibility, mental agility and emotional intelligence.

What do you look for when partnering with a team or top agent?

Adam Hergenrother is the founder and CEO of Livian, the author of The Founder & The Force Multiplier, and the host of the podcast, Business Meets Spirituality

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