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What is biohacking, and how does it energize the wellness real estate industry?

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In all likelihood, “biohacking” isn’t a new concept for you or your affluent, health-conscious clients. But do you know how the right home can augment this mindset?

If not, then now’s the time to catch up. The reason is straightforward: Even though high-end buyers have always sought properties that help them prioritize their well-being, biohacking takes this to a whole new level using the latest science and technology.

Understanding the basics of biohacking

Doug Steiny-Sotheby’s International Realty-Carmel Brokerage

Biohacking got its name from the realization that human biology is hackable. In other words, there are multiple ways we can boost the functions of the body and mind. For biohackers, modern ailments such as exhaustion, inflammation, chronic pain, and even aging aren’t inevitabilities, but conditions that can be alleviated with strategic interventions and sophisticated engineering.

Not all methods of biohacking are high-tech — or new. Meditation can be considered a type of biohacking, as can strict fasting, disciplined fitness, or tests of physical endurance. So if you’re following a ketogenic diet to lose weight, practicing yoga and deep breathing exercises, or taking nutritional supplements, you’re biohacking.

But in the world of luxury, biohacking has been elevated. There are resorts and spas catering to elite clientele that offer dedicated biohacking services for enhancing cellular renewal, expediting muscular hypertrophy, reversing skin and tissue damage, or achieving higher levels of concentration. And increasingly, these luxe amenities are being incorporated into private properties.

Biohacking in the comfort of your home

Doug Steiny-Sotheby’s International Realty-Carmel Brokerage

Homeowners on the leading edge of wellness trends have started to furnish their residences with some truly futuristic biohacking facilities — and luxury buyers are taking note.

Specifically, there are six amenities clients inquire about:

  • Red light therapy beds produce low-frequency waves that are easily absorbed by the body to help relieve pain, activate metabolic processes, and provide a healthy dose of vitamin D.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chambers supply 100% oxygen that has been purified and pressurized, helping the body diminish inflammation and injuries through hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Cryotherapy chambers subject people to some astonishingly low temperatures — often ranging between -200° to -300°F — in order to help rejuvenate both the brain and body.
  • Dry float tanks are designed to facilitate an experience of weightless relaxation, bringing about all the benefits of traditional float therapy without having to touch any saline water.
  • Infrared saunas use specialized lamps to heat the skin directly and deliver a deeply nourishing treatment, unlike regular saunas which warm the body by warming the ambient air.
  • Plunge pools are typically only 6 to 12 feet in diameter — a lot smaller than a normal pool — and are for aquatic exercises or hydrotherapy.

When a property has assets like these, it signals to potential buyers that their personal health and wellness practices can not only be supported but enhanced. It’s a massive differentiator, considering the ever-expanding market for luxury biohacking technologies and treatments.

Enhancing client relationships

Nicholas Canning and Michael Canning-Sotheby’s International Realty-Carmel Brokerage

Of course, luxury buyers aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from biohacking. Agents can also adopt techniques in order to physically and psychologically thrive in a demanding industry.

That includes me. I’m a certified instructor in the Wim Hof Method — a technique developed by the world-famous extreme athlete aptly known as “The Iceman” — to help people hone their minds, bodies, and immune systems through controlled breathing and cold immersion. I have a purpose-built facility at my home where I conduct workshops for my colleagues and clients. And in my experience, this has been a huge boon to my own real estate business.

By being involved and invested in biohacking, you can connect with prospective buyers on topics they’re naturally passionate about — wellness and mindfulness. I’ve never met a client who’s not interested in being fitter, healthier, and more attuned to the present moment. If you show them you share this passion, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build a strong, productive relationship.

Doug Steiny

As a licensed REALTOR® for over 30 years, Doug has experienced and has been involved in the growth of the Monterey Peninsula. Over 90% of Doug’s business is generated in direct referrals from previous clients, friends, and family who recognize the benefit in utilizing his expertise in real estate and knowledge of the area. Doug has consistently been a top producer since 1990, with notable clients including several presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and is also an approved mediator for the Monterey County Board of Realtors.

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