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What every real estate agent needs to know about …

Clients appreciate agents who are well-versed on a home’s most sought-after features. If you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge of kitchen layouts, bathtub types and useful home safety tips, here is a primer.

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When working with clients, real estate agents have to appear well-versed on most of the sought-after features and closely inspected spaces — like bathrooms and kitchens, for example. 

Buyers and sellers will appreciate you as an agent if you know your alcove tubs from your walk-in tubs. Even better if you know a thing or two about bathtub materials and their perks and drawbacks. 

So, if you want to dive in and learn everything you can, and be able to effortlessly (and expertly) answer questions clients throw your way, here is a primer on the amenities and features they care about most — plus other helpful tips on safety and moving.


Freestanding, walk-in, whirlpool: What agents should know about bathtubs 

As an agent, you can intelligently field questions about bathtubs and their variations if you have a few facts at your fingertips. Here are a handful of things you need to know about different types of bathtubs and their maintenance.

10 plumbing issues agents should know about (and their solutions)

Plumbing issues can cause so many headaches for buyers, sellers and their agents. If you’re a real estate pro, knowing a few simple tips and having an understanding of these problems can help put your and your clients’ minds at ease.

The 6 types of bathrooms all real estate agents should know

To be sure that everyone is using the same terms and speaking the same language, let’s dig a little deeper into what qualifies these six types of bathrooms.


What real estate agents should know about closets

Armoires, walk-ins, built-ins and storage systems — there are a myriad of ways we store our belongings. Here’s what sets them apart and how their design and purpose have evolved over the years.


6 kitchen layouts every agent should know

An agent who’s able to visualize the potential of a kitchen can help buyers in improving and upgrading existing spaces. To do that, you have to know these basic kitchen layouts.

Laundry room

What agents should know about washing machines

Laundry machines come in many sizes and models. Each of them has its pros and cons — as well as space and installation requirements. Here are a few essential things real estate agents should know about washing machines.

Dryers and dryer vents: What agents should know

One of the most common household appliances, the clothes dryer, can also be one of the most problematic for homebuyers. That’s why it’s important for agents to be fluent in the pros and cons of common household appliances when discussing housing options with clients.


Be prepared: What agents need to know about fire safety at home

House fires can escalate in the blink of an eye, but with proper precautions and planning, they are preventable. Here’s how agents can help clients be prepared for the worst.

Hot tips for fire safety in apartment buildings

What should a resident in an apartment building do if they are inside their home and smell smoke or suspect a fire in the building? Here are a few precautions to follow — some obvious, some not so apparent.

What you should know about elevator safety

Structure, accidents, safety tips — here’s everything agents need to know about elevators.


How to help clients prepare for a stress-free packing experience

Packing, unpacking and moving to a new home can be an enormous undertaking, but with some careful planning and organization, the process can be a bit less stressful for your clients. Here’s how you can advise them.

Plan, sort, pack! How to help homesellers prepare for a move

It’s understandable if clients get anxious when preparing their homes for sale — especially if they haven’t moved in decades. As an agent, you should guide them through the process, and remind them that all it takes is a little bit of planning ahead.

Gerard Splendore is a licensed associate real estate broker with Warburg Realty in New York. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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