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‘Welcome to Poundtown’ Wisconsin Listing Photos Go Viral For Decor

Listing photos of a $420,000 house in Onalaska, Wisconsin, went viral on Monday for some of its decor choices.

The four-bedroom home on Woodland Pass seems normal enough from the first few listing photos, which show off its spacious rooms with grey hardwood floors and modern kitchen appliances. The rooms do have a noticeable amount of the type of modern-farmhouse aesthetic signs bought at Micheals or Home Goods that say things like “This Kitchen is For Dancing” or “Work Hard and Be Nice To People.”

But it was the sign hanging in the bedroom that sparked its virality. Hung prominently over the bed in the main bedroom it reads: “Welcome to Poundtown.”

After the images were shared by the popular listing photos account Zillow Gone Wild, it was reposted widely — the point that “Welcome to Poundtown” was a trending topic on Twitter for a number of hours that the afternoon. Thousands of users commented on the sign, with some roasting it and others saying it was their favorite feature of the home.

“‘Welcome to Poundtown is HAUNTING me,” wrote one user.

“If I were buying, I’d ask to keep the sign,” another said. “That MUST BE PART OF THE NEGOTIATIONS!”

In an interview with Mel Magazine, Lauren Hegenbarth, the owner of the home and creator of the sign said she made the sign by hand after seeing a similar one on Facebook, crafting it while her husband was away and surprising him with it when he returned home. Hegenbarth said she and her husband have been buying and flipping homes in Wisconsin since 2013.

“He absolutely loved it; it matches our humor to a T,” she told the magazine. “Plus, two out of three of our kids can’t read, and when our oldest read it while I was making it, I just told her it was a funny quote from a movie and she never asked about it again. She doesn’t care; she’s clearly used to the decor.”

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