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Watch: The Rise Of The Real Estate Influencer. No TV show necessary

How is the role of the agent evolving and how can you use the power of your personal brand in new ways? Moderator Kendall Bonner speaks with experts Sean McPeak, Giselle Ugarte, and Glennda Baker at ICLV

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Building your brand on social media is an essential part of the job for agents in every niche of real estate. In fact, many would say it’s your job to be a marketing expert and to build an audience to sell real estate to.

Sean McPeak of SERHANT., marketing coach Giselle Ugarte and Atlanta area Realtor and TikTok star Glennda Baker spoke at Inman Connect Las Vegas about their strategies for building an online following, getting more views on listings through social media and leveraging a personal brand that will win over clients and build career lasting fans.

Creators are on the rise, and they do not have to have a reality tv show to build clout. Here are 10 key takeaways these influencers say are essential for connecting your community.

  1. You do not need a professional camera crew to make an impact, your personal videos can make a huge impact on your local audience.
  2. To stand out as an influencer, you need to embrace your personality and use it to add fire to your content.
  3. Speak your truth to your audience, and focus on the customers you help most. Start filming content like you are having a conversation with your best friend about real estate.
  4. Be prepared for feedback, but don’t be discouraged. With a few minor adjustments, your content can reach a huge audience.
  5. As your audience grows, you may need to invest in marketing and coaching consulting to make sure that you manage your online persona professionally.
  6. Research hot trends on social media and incorporate them into your content plan.
  7. Concerns about overexposure? Get very clear on your brand and measure the amount of content you create with your heart.
  8. Your audience will show up for stories and for authentic truths. Story-telling will be your superpower.
  9. Do not be afraid to ask other influential players in the industry to collaborate with you. Just make sure that you choose wisely.
  10. Avoid trashing other influencers; stick to what you know. Never create content at the expense of losing yourself.

If you are an agent getting started with building your personal brand, you have to take the first step of getting on video. Watch Youtube and TikTok tutorials. Focus on one social media platform and build accountability on it. Watch the full video above and take notes; you may be the next big influencer in real estate faster than you think.

Rachael Hite sold real estate in Virginia and West Virginia for seven years with a specialization in short sales and foreclosures. She has been an office manager, an agent, mortgage marketing consultant and continuing education trainer for agents since 2012. She currently specializes in private business development and digital marketing services for top producing agents and businesses in the housing industry.

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