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Watch: How To Recruit And Retain To Drive Profits Regardless Of Market Condition

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Famed coach Jon Cheplak took to the Broker Connect stage at Inman Connect Las Vegas to help brokers boost recruitment and retention by learning to put their team first. Cheplak’s energy and enthusiasm took the stage as he motivated the audience to make real and meaningful changes with their agents. Cheplak wants brokers to stop herding cats and to start building huge opportunities that make agents want to join their brokerage.

Here are the top ten takeaways from this powerful speech.

  1. Recruiting is a “bodies” game. Your overall profit will be determined by the size of your team working at the brokerage.
  2.  If you triple your agent population, you will double your sales volume.
  3.  Good leadership has the power to recruit relationships and create an experience at your brokerage that agents want to join.
  4. Stop feature dumping on agents. They respect strong leadership and culture over features they will not use.
  5. Tech stacks, lead generation tools, and Inside Sales Agent (ISA) teams are not as important without people to use them.
  6. The growth of your business is already in the relationships you have cultivated with your agents.
  7. Collect regular feedback from your team and use that to create safety for each level of sales.
  8. Coach up and out your lower third team members. Create accountability.
  9. Ask your center sales team what leadership they need from you. Focus on their big picture.
  10. Your top third of sales team members need your time. You need to handle the human needs of your top sales professionals.

You have to build community in your office to retain your team. Many teams are overtrained. Human beings want love, recognition and approval. You cannot judge them because everyone has a different work ethic. Accountability is the best thing you can do to recruit and retain your team. Make sure to watch the video above to get the full snapshot of best practices to keep your team together.

Rachael Hite sold real estate in Virginia and West Virginia for seven years with a specialization in short sales and foreclosures. She has been an office manager, an agent, mortgage marketing consultant and continuing education trainer for agents since 2012. She currently specializes in private business development and digital marketing services for top producing agents and businesses in the housing industry.

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