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WATCH: Getting real about using Instagram Reels with mother and son duo at ICLV

Learn how to use Instagram Reels to not only grow your business, but earn money too with mother-son duo Markli Lemons-Ryhal of ReMarkiTable, LLC and Skyler M. Lemons of EXIT Strategy Realty.

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Are you ready to learn all about using, and making money with. Instagram Reels? 

Well, Markli Lemons-Ryhal of ReMarkiTable, LLC and son Skyler M. Lemons of EXIT Strategy Realty are ready to teach you along with the audience at Inman Connect Las Vegas how to use Instagram Reels to not only grow your business but also earn money from the Instagram parent company, Meta.

Hold up that means Meta will pay users just for uploading content? 

Yes, that’s exactly right. The catch is your content has to be popular, and the most critical part: You have to upload it. Reels is a video-only section of Instagram, and video makes many people more camera shy than still images.

Markli Lemons-Ryhal of ReMarkiTable, LLC and son Skyler M. Lemons of EXIT Strategy Realty at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Credit: AJ Canaria of MoxiWorks

Getting started is easy; according to the mother-son duo, follow these three basic steps:

  1. Make sure the light is in your face 
  2. Make sure your lens is clean 
  3. Hit record

It’s that easy to get started.

Lemons shared one of his most popular reels, with almost 20,000 views, which was 10 times larger than his following of about 1,800 followers at the time.

The short video clip featured the gated entrance to basketball star Michael Jordan’s estate, which had been on the market. Not only was the video simple and a huge success, but even after leaving it in his drafts for about two months, it still performed well. Now he can’t help but wonder how much better it would have done if he hadn’t waited two months to publish it.

The bottom line is not to wait and get your content out there.

Some other helpful tips the duo gave were:

  • Zoom out on your videos
  • Follow the trends 
  • Make video content every day 
  • Use your hashtags

Lemons-Ryhal’s final thoughts were a reminder of the importance of embracing technology

“Technology will never replace an agent; however, an agent with technology will replace an agent without technology,” she said.

Watch the entire session via the video at the top of this post so you can get started using Instagram reels today.

Jessi Healey is a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in real estate. Find her on Twitter and Instagram

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