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Watch: Compete with iBuyers to generate seller leads

Dan Noma is on the Keeping It Real show this week to share how he created to help homeowners know all their options when selling their homes.

It’s working. He sold 1,800 homes last year with this simple message in hyper-competitive Phoenix, which is ground zero for all the iBuyer disruption.

Dan uses direct mail, Facebook, TV, and phone calls to let homeowners in Scottsdale know he has multiple buyers ready to go for their homes.

When homeowners call to learn more, he asks them to send in photos of their home (or an agent goes on an initial discovery meeting to get the photos), which he submits to his institutional buyer relationships for a real, actual offer right away. The offers are very competitive, not low-ball investor offers.

Now armed with those offers upfront, and an accurate CMA, his agents guide the seller on the next steps best for them, for example advising they sell it themselves, take the instant offer, or list it with him.

Join host Frank Klesitz and learn how to tweak your seller lead-generation message for the best response, and how to actually help those sellers when they call from your Guaranteed Offer messaging. Dan will fill you in on how to partner with institutional buyers who will make very competitive offers too, so you’re honest and authentic in your message.

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