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WATCH: Anywhere COO Shares A Childhood Tech Memory At ICLV

Melissa McSherry shared the value of tech for improving the lives of clients, agents and stakeholders throughout the transaction while recalling her childhood ties to the tech industry.

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I guess you could say tech innovation runs in the family for Melissa McSherry.

Melissa McSherry, right, COO of Anywhere, speaks with Clelia Peters on stage at Inman Connect Las Vegas Aug. 3.  Credit: AJ Canaria of MoxiWorks.

When the COO of Anywhere sat on the Inman Connect Las Vegas stage for a discussion with moderator Clelia Peters, she talked about her childhood memories of going to work with her mother, an early tech entrepreneur in the field of healthcare technology.

“I’m dating myself here,” said McSherry, “but [my mother] used to write programs on computer punch cards. One day a colleague brought her some punch cards that were done up with one of my little pink plastic barrettes.”

McSherry said that those early experiences laid the groundwork for her conviction that technology is designed for improving peoples’ lives.

McSherry initially pursued a degree in social studies, then later studied business at Stanford. During her first homework assignment in a computer science class there she found she could tackle even the most intimidating tech tasks as long as she stayed open to the process and willing to reach out for help.

Although McSherry has been with Anywhere for less than six months, she has already gleaned insights from her past experiences at Capital One and Visa and applied them to the real estate industry. She sees places for improvement that can make transactions more “frictionless” — not just for clients but for agents, brokers and affiliated service providers as well.

“I remain incredibly optimistic about the opportunity of technology to fundamentally improve the lives of anyone who touches one of these transactions,” said McSherry.

Watch McSherry’s entire session via the video at the top of this post.

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