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Virtual Tour Provider EyeSpy360 To Expand Through Meero Agreement

Meero’s global reach will undoubtedly only augment the value of rich video content, especially when connected with a notable vendor like EyeSpy360.

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Popular London-based 3D listing content provider EyeSpy360 has entered into an agreement with Meero, a clearinghouse for freelance photographers founded in Paris in 2016, to offer its tour technology to customers and users across its global platform.

Meero raised $230 million in 2019 to expand its ability to connect visual artists with businesses in need of marketing assets. Meero also automates photo editing and touch-up when needed, allowing clients to download ready-to-publish images. The real estate industry is one Meero’s primary user groups.

The relationship is expected to broaden the availability of marketing assets to which Meero customers have access, particularly EyeSpyLIVE, which enables multiple parties to host and navigate 3D immersive home tours in unison, with the ability to control viewing angles and tour pace.

Floor plans, virtual walk-throughs, 3D models and other features of EyeSpy360 will now be available to Meero’s customer base.

EyeSpy360 is expecting to reach a much larger audience through the partnership.

“Any independent or enterprise of any size can now confidently deliver on the exponential increase in global customer demand for Virtual Tours,” Andrew Nicholls, CEO of EyeSpy360, said in the release. “We are delighted to be partnering with Meero.”

The COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions on in-person business are largely credited for pushing the long-simmering importance of video content in real estate marketing; however, growth was happening before early 2020, albeit somewhat slower. Video content is close to mainstream and no longer a clever value-add.

The industry can use video and tour content to build brand, partner with virtual staging firms and online retailers, demonstrate marketing efficacy and conduct online, remote listing presentations.

Meero’s global reach will no doubt only augment the value of rich video content, especially when connected with a notable vendor like EyeSpy360.

“I am very excited about this partnership with EyeSpy 360,” Fanny Kauffer, general manager food and travel at Meero, said. “Their virtual tour solutions will complement Meero’s Real Estate offer and benefit many of our customers, allowing them to better connect with their clients.”

EyeSpy360 also operates in the United States, Asia and mainland Europe.

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