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Use FaceForward technology to build sales relationships

As we transition out of the pandemic and lean into the digital economy that has boomed over the past year, technology has become an integral part of everyday life. If your firm doesn’t have a digital presence, it doesn’t exist – and this is equally as important for each individual real estate agent. Referrals are still driving the majority of your agents’ business, making brand reputation and relationship building more important than ever. But with today’s unique social circumstances, agents aren’t shaking hands and kissing babies the way they were in 2019. Luckily you can leverage technology to help your agents establish their local brand and keep a soft touch with everyone who’s important to their business.

Help your agents build trust

Inventory is tight in this competitive market as we face historic lows, so your agents need to fight for every listing they’re trying to win. Your firm name may lend credibility, but people work with people, not entities. So agents have to establish trust.

According to NAR, “when choosing an agent to work with, working with an agent that was honest and trustworthy was the most important factor.” This is especially true in today’s hyper-aggressive market when buyers and sellers need to trust that their agent can help them land a new home or secure the best offer. Advertising your agents as the faces of your firm builds their personal brand recognition and helps establish trust with the people they’ll be working with in their area. This is the foundation on which they’ll continue to grow their business.

Introducing FaceForward advertising

At Adwerx, we call this FaceForwardTM advertising, and it’s baked into the entire ethos of the company. This is an approach to advertising that puts a face on every ad, and is rooted in the science of human and consumer behavior. Desire for community makes our brains recognize images with a face 11 times more often than images without, and seeing a face helps establish a feeling of personal connection. In a congested digital landscape, understanding how to subconsciously motivate someone to notice your advertising is impactful — especially in the one-third of a second that they’ll devote to it.

We tested it. The results speak for themselves.

Adwerx recently conducted an experiment with REVGEN, a Raleigh, NC-based sales support company for the tech industry. They ran FaceForward custom audience ads to half of the nearly 86,000 prospects that REVGEN sales reps would be calling, and the other half received no advertising. The ads ran for one month prior to contact, and the results were compelling. Reps saw a significant lift across all metrics being tracked, increasing their booking rate 29% and show rate 20% with those who received the ad with their name and face. The full details of the experiment will be released soon, but this confirmed the power of personal branding via digital advertising as the cornerstone of successful sales relationships.

But spinning up a custom ad for every one of your producers is burdensome and likely not something you have time for. By using automation, this can be done easily and efficiently.

Powerful technology that’s automated and simplified

You can leverage technology like Adwerx FaceForward ads to boost your agents’ success now and maintain business when the market cools. Run fully automated, digital brand ads for every single one of your agents and their listings, using pre-approved brand-compliant templates. The ads will be displayed across premium websites, Facebook, Instagram, and mobile apps, where everyone is spending their time.

Through a combined mix of custom audience and geo-based ads, you can help your agents warm new leads, stay top-of-mind for referrals, and introduce themselves to the markets they care most about. The world may have gone digital, but building human relationships is still how business gets done.

Learn how to automate FaceForward advertising for all of your agents with Adwerx.

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