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UrbanDigs Launches Custom Advisory Service For NYC Agents

Reports from UD Advisor examine listings and specific situations with hyper-local market data, relevant sales and custom analytics from UrbanDigs to provide agents with actionable, data-based recommendations for their businesses, Inman has exclusively learned.

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New York City-based real estate analytics company UrbanDigs has launched a new expert advisory service for real estate agents and brokers operating in Manhattan and Brooklyn that will provide custom, in-depth analyses to level up their businesses, the company exclusively told Inman.

Agents who subscribe to UrbanDigs already receive local analytics, personalized reports and relevant insights to help agents grow their businesses.

But with the company’s new service UD Advisor, agents get access to an even deeper dive into whatever specific situation they’re tackling in the current market. UD Advisor reports examine listings and specific real estate scenarios with hyper-local market data, relevant sales and custom analytics from UrbanDigs to provide agents with actionable, data-based recommendations.

“In New York City, every building is its own market, so it’s critical that agents and brokers get the best and most up-to-date information possible to work with,” Noah Rosenblatt, co-founder and CEO of UrbanDigs, said in a statement. “With compelling charts, targeted analytics, and plain-English conclusions, UD Advisor saves our clients hours of work, helps alleviate awkward client conversations, and makes them look like heroes.”

Depending on the agent’s need, UD Advisor reports can take many forms, the company said, including a price-cut competition analysis, pre-listing analysis for sellers, pre-bidding analysis for buyers, current market-to-market data for property owners, cap rates for investors, historical trend analysis or social media content.

The service also includes a brief discussion call to answer any questions with UrbanDigs’ staff.

Pricing may vary depending on how much time is needed to complete the report, but non-UrbanDigs subscriber pricing begins at $700 and UrbanDigs full-subscriber pricing begins at $500. Reports are completed on a first-come, first-served basis and typically turn around in three to five business days.

If agents require expedited service, it can also be attained for a fee — $1,000 for same-day requests (that are received before noon) or $500 for two-day service (excluding holidays and weekends).

Agents can also pay for one of UrbanDigs’ co-founders to present report results directly to clients (in person or via Zoom) at a fee of $300 per hour.

The independent, third-party analyses allow agents and brokers access to unbiased data and insights and enable them to take action based on those findings.

“There is no better way to prove your point than by citing data and insight from a firm with no skin in the game and who can give you the facts,” Allison Block, an agent at City Connections, said in a statement.

“With UD Advisor, Noah [Rosenblatt] and John [Walkup, co-founder of UrbanDigs] deliver a detailed, data-driven report that does exactly that: It lays out the quantifiable facts on the current market and how a particular property fits into it. It was exactly what I needed to assuage my client’s concerns and restore their full faith.”

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