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Tribus Debuts App To Augment Lead Follow-up, In-house Communication

Real estate technology company Tribus has released a new mobile app for Android and iPhone to help agents communicate with leads and manage business.

Real estate technology company Tribus has launched a fully featured mobile application to augment its browser-based deliverables for large and medium-sized brokerages. The announcement was made in an press release exclusive to Inman.

The Tribus app, available on both major mobile operating systems today, May 25, will provide on-the-go access to popular features, such as its CRM email app, FlexMail, lead activity alerts, new lead notifications, and marketing collateral and assets.

FlexMail gives users the ability to reach custom contact lists en masse with more than 200 available email templates, or send personalized message campaigns to individual leads and contacts. According to Tribus, 80 percent of its users are active in FlexMail.

Tribus CEO Eric Stegemann said that the app has a range of benefits for new and existing users, including access to internal training and brokerage information.

“We’re delighted to provide brokers and agents with this new tool to speed up how they communicate with their clients and communicate with one another effectively,” he said.

Agents can also leverage the app’s Slack-like chat functionality, which can help ensure critical discussions remain tethered to their respective deal. The app offers user-based customization and brokerage-specific contact functionality.

Using the Tribus App, brokerages can customize the landing page, the logo and tools on the application to be consistent with company branding to create a personalized experience, the release stated.

Apps that complement and further streamline more robust browser solutions should continue to become more available, especially with the number of real estate agents who are now totally remote increases.

Additionally, because so much of business communication is transacted in the mobile environment, it makes more sense to give agents the chance to execute business in the same workspace.

Tribus will not charge for use of its app.

Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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