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Tribus Adds New Collaborative Search Feature To Platform

Real estate software developer Tribus announced today that it has added a new search feature to its platform that will allow consumers to better collaborate as they look through listings.

The new feature, called Household, will let homebuyers share properties with, for example, friends and investors. It is part of Tribus’ Collaborative Search product, which since 2011 allowed users to view and discuss listings with a significant other. Household expands that functionality by allowing users to invite more people to collaborate.

Eric Stegemann

In a statement, Tribus CEO Eric Stegemann said that “not only will this system help shoppers find the home of their dreams, but it will also help agents and brokers provide great service to their clients.”

Household is available via Tribus’ customer relationship manager (CRM). To share listings, users specifically link a new person to their account.  The company’s statement explains that the system then identifies “the roles each individual plays in making a decision on the home.”

“Once recognized, the [artificial intelligence] system built into the Household feature will work to match them to their perfect home, ensuring individuals avoid any uncertainty about a property and in turn, creating an excitement to purchase the home,” the statement continues.

The system also allows agents involved in a transaction who are using the Tribus system to view various collaborators’ comments, likes and dislikes — a feature the company said in the statement gives real estate professionals an upper hand.

Colorado-based Tribus was founded more than 12 years ago and offers a variety of real estate technology products including intranet, email marketing and transaction management, among other things. In November, Tribus acquired multiple listing service technology provider Solid Earth.

Speaking about the launch of Household, Stegeman said Thursday in the company statement that his firm is ultimately “delighted to provide homebuyers with a new and updated system that keeps their advisors in the loop when searching for a new property.”

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