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Top 5 Video Trends To Know In 2021

“You get a lot of street cred if you’re meeting up with people and you have hundreds of videos online,” Triplemint agent Tyler Whitman said during Inman Connect Now on Thursday.

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Mastering video and social media marketing is one of the most common ways agents can build their brand and draw in new clients, and year after year, real estate agents vow to up their game.

After gaining recognition for his appearances on Million Dollar Listing New York, Triplemint agent Tyler Whitman has been harnessing video’s power to draw in clients and gain a reputation as a luxury agent on his social media platforms — from regular Facebook Live series on the basics of the Manhattan market to a recent promotional jingle done in the style of a retro musical.

“You get a lot of street cred if you’re meeting up with people and you have hundreds of videos online,” Whitman said at the “Video and Social Media Trends” panel at Inman Connect Now on Thursday. “[They see that] this is something you’re passionate about and something you love doing.”

As the new year creeps up, agents all over the country are thinking of how to stay on top of clients’ minds and keep online content from looking outdated. Here, below, are Whitman’s top video trends you need to know for 2021.

Facebook Live And Instagram Live

If you want to dabble in video but aren’t ready to spend a lot of time and money, live video Facebook and Instagram can be a simple way to begin putting content out there. Viewers will not expect the same kind of top-quality content that they find in listing videos but will still be watching your material when they’re strolling through social media.

“If you are an agent who is short on pennies, Facebook Live can earn you a lot of pennies,” Whitman said. “Start where you are and do Facebook Live tours of listings or properties you sold.”

Go Shorter

Do not think that a 10-minute home tour or in-depth is the only way to gain credibility as an agent. Shorter content posted more frequently is a good way to get that initial batch of followers who are mildly interested in real estate but don’t know much about you, Whitman said. The 60-second video can often serve as a launchpad to your site, where your better or more serious content can be housed.

“It’s often just 60 seconds of me giving the most simplistic information: when you need to get a mortgage approval, why you should work with buyers broker,” Whitman said of the content he posts regularly on Instagram. “I don’t go into insane detail, it’s super simple.”

Work Seasonally

While common wisdom suggests that you’re supposed to post as much as possible all the time, Whitman suggests agents create some structure and seasonality to their videos. This can take the form of anything from weekly two-minute videos on real estate trends to a monthly market recap. Try to come up with a series title so that viewers come to expect it and experiment with posting times to see what gets the most eyeballs.

“I found that posting on Thursdays late mornings has been really good for engagement and posting on Tuesday evenings has been really good for engagement,” he said.

Comedic Effect

The days of highly stylized and serious videos are long over — buyers and followers are looking to be entertained and drawn in above everything else. That’s why, according to Whitman, agents should get over the fear of looking unprofessional and experiment with many different styles. Jingles, live chat sessions, a peek into a day in your life as an agent or, if you have the budget, music videos inside the home.

“Anybody who looks at my style of video knows that I’m a different flavor of real estate agent,” Whitman said. “I like to push comedy and creativity and really push the boundaries.”

Keep Posting

If you’re just starting out, your videos likely won’t get a lot of views. The trick is to keep posting anyway, Whitman said. The views and your reputation will both build over time. Even the best-quality video will not keep you at the top of clients’ minds as much as regular, systematic appearances on their social media feeds. Keep posting and improve. And, if you can, invest more money as you go along.

“You’re basically trying to systematically brainwash all of your followers to have a chemical reaction,” Whitman said. “When they hear anything about real estate, a little picture of us should pop up in their brain.”

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