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Time bombs, trends and turbulence in 2022

Right now, we are experiencing the highest rate of change, disruption, ambition, and opportunity in the history of the real estate industry. As a result, many significant issues occupied the news cycles of 2021. From Department of Justice investigations to inventory shortages, supply chain problems, and the always hot topic of iBuyers, the past year has thrown several curve balls our way.

With the New Year just days away, are you ready?

Control your mindset and energy levels

In other words, control what you can control. Get disciplined with yourself, and don’t let all the external forces influence your mindset and energy levels. Burnout is a real thing. Exercise more, eat better, watch less TV, limit time on social media, or whatever you need to do to stay in a positive mindset. Do it! And recommit to doing it daily.

Build a business based on relationships

Fighting for the new client takes way more energy, time, and money than getting a personal referral or working with a repeat client. So it’s time to look at the systems you have in place to maintain and build relationships long-term, resulting in transactions and future production.

Don’t let all the hard work of the last two years go to waste and lose contact with the clients you’ve had closings with. Systems for regular follow-up and ways to give lasting value by sharing your expertise are needed.

Be virtual and work in the cloud

You need to be able to do business from anywhere at any time. That means your business should not be dependent on an office, paper files, or even face-to-face meetings. Everything from prospecting, listing appointments, showings, and open houses can happen virtually. Agents that embrace the use of video communication and video marketing will excel. The convenience of this form of communication has become too highly valued by clients and customers to ignore.

Speaking of convenience, you need to manage the entire transaction from preparing the offer to getting paid entirely online with seamless communication between your clients, other agents, your brokerage, mortgage, title/escrow/attorneys, insurance, appraisers, inspectors and others.

Have cash reserves

Despite the uncertainty of recent times, we have enjoyed an astounding real estate market. Most agents have set new records for personal income. It is time to be wise with that money and save it. Budget, invest, and save. The security and freedom a healthy savings account will allow is a gift for your mindset and energy levels.

Embrace the adventure

We used to talk about annual business planning. Most have now moved to 90-day cycles. However, strategies and tactics need to be flexible, and you need to change quickly when technology, the economy or other unforeseen opportunities and challenges present themselves.

Are you thinking of making some changes in 2022? Then, talk to one of our career consultants who are offering free coaching sessions to help you map your plan for 2022 and beyond.

2022 is going to be an adventure. Are you ready?

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