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Three new tech innovations that will reshape real estate in 2022

In recent years, tech-driven innovation in real estate has been hit-or-miss. While there have been some significant innovations, true progress has also lagged in key areas, like how homes are valued and searched for, how real estate agents manage their transaction workflow and how the closing process works.
Thankfully, that is changing. Here are three of the most interesting ways homegenius, Radian’s business segment that offers a broad array of title, valuation, asset management, SaaS and other real estate services, currently sees technology transform home sales from the inside out.

1. A better, more personalized home search

Today, the typical home search experience is fundamentally driven by what is called “structured” data, which include easily measurable categories like a home’s square footage or number of bedrooms but leaves out a treasure trove of other valuable information. And when assessing the price of a home, most agents still have to manually pull a set of comparable properties, which can be imperfect (as well as a bit of a headache).

To solve for these shortcomings, Radian subsidiary Red Bell Real Estate, LLC is introducing geniusprice technology, a property intelligence engine that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This power-packed tech enables brokers and agents to provide a highly data-driven, personalized and up-to-the-minute experience for consumers. And by incorporating insights from “unstructured” data about things like property condition, flooring, countertops, and window fixtures, agents can provide an unparalleled level of intelligence.

For more information about geniusprice, visit

2. Smarter workflow for agents

A few years ago, Radian realized that the number one problem for many real estate agents was simply the time it takes to keep up with technology. Many real estate agents end up spending far too much time managing the various workflow systems and portals they need to access, instead of doing what they do best: Helping clients buy and sell real estate. Does that sound familiar?

That’s why Radian’s Red Bell subsidiary is developing geneuity, a smart workflow software platform, acts as a digital control point for real estate agents. The geneuity platform will provide access to all the tools agents need to do their jobs in a single, powerful workflow system – no more going in and out of disparate systems just to complete a transaction. In addition, geneuity will enable agents to easily access and utilize property intelligence through geniusprice.

Geneuity will launch later this year. Visit to learn more.

3. A faster and more modern title and closing process.

The fundamentals of how the title and closing process works haven’t changed for decades, but consumers increasingly expect a process that’s more simple and more transparent all the while remaining secure. That’s why titlegenius by Radian was created, a platform that provides a simple, transparent and secure way to order title insurance and closing services online, delivering value for both agents and home buyers.

At, home buyers can access Radian’s blockchain-enabled online portal that empowers them to shop for and save on title and closing services directly.* We have found that once real estate agents learn about it, they see tremendous value in recommending the titlegenius platform to their clients, because it saves customers money, offers them choices they might not even know they have, and is as easy as can be, for both the customers and the agents themselves.

Titlegenius by Radian is already live in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and is expanding into more states in the coming months. You can access our portal at
*Title insurance is provided and underwritten by Radian Title Insurance Inc. Title Services are provided by Radian Title Insurance Inc. and Radian Settlement Services Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of Radian Group Inc. For additional licensing information, visit

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