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This Real Estate Team Leader Closed 499 Last Year (And So Can You!)

Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned veteran looking to have your best year ever, refocus on foundational strategies, says Jimmy Burgess. Add value and create opportunities for the conversations that become conversions.

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Homes that last are not built on weak foundations. The same can be said for thriving real estate agents and teams. Solid foundational strategies set the tone for immediate and sustainable growth.

Andrew Undem, team leader of The Sure Sales Group out of Baltimore, Maryland, is a perfect example of an agent/team leader who has accomplished systematic growth that began with a set of core activities.

You may not be able to relate to a team leader who closed 499 transactions in 2021 but no matter where you are in your business journey, the foundational real estate strategies that Andrew Undem used to jump-start his career in real estate will help you take your real estate business to the next level.

Make sure everyone you know knows you’re selling real estate

Unless your friends and family know you’re in the real estate business and serious about helping buyers and sellers, you will not get an opportunity to help them. This seems so simple, but unless you have a systematic approach to letting people know about your desire to be their real estate resource, most will not think of you when the opportunity arises for them to do business with you or to refer someone to you.

Undem wanted to make sure that everyone in his sphere of influence knew that he was in the business. His desire was to be viewed as a service-oriented professional instead of the typical, salesy new agent that most people think of. He saw that most agents posted, “Hey. I’m a Realtor. Use me,” and he decided to do the opposite of this mass posting. He decided to reach out personally via Facebook messenger to each of his Facebook friends.

He used the green dot that indicated they were on the platform at that moment and then sent them a private message that said something like this:

Hey (Facebook friend). It’s been a while. I just joined (insert your real estate company). Here are some of the things we do to add value. I hope to catch up soon. By the way, I’ll never forget (insert personal connection memory). Here’s my cell phone number and email address. Let me know if I can ever help you or someone you know.

He sent these to everyone with a green dot, which led to two-way conversations that really jump-started his career.

If you are wondering how to see who is active on Facebook or Messenger, go to Messages on Facebook. In the top left beside Chats, click on the three dots. Then click on active contacts. This will show you the people that are currently logged in via the green dots by their names. Green dots indicate someone that is active on Instagram, as well.

This strategy ensures the people that already know, like and trust you are fully aware that you sell real estate.

Add value to business owners in your community

The law of reciprocity states that when people receive something, they feel compelled to return the favor in kind. What do you do well that could help local businesses in your area?

Are you skilled in social media marketing? Imagine putting together seven social media posts for a local business that you know is struggling to post quality content. What if you put together a short instructional manual on how local businesses could increase their reach and engagement? Do you think those business owners would remember you the next time they decided to buy or sell?

What would the impact be if you shared your insights on video marketing, effective direct mail campaigns, running effective Facebook ads or any other skill you have that could help their business grow? Do you believe these business owners will think of you when they see an opportunity to refer someone to you?

Focus on how you can give value to others, and you will receive more in return than you can imagine.

Become a student of the game

In order to be the best agent possible, you must become an expert as quickly as possible on a few foundational parts of the business. These are a few to master:


If you are going to represent your clients in the most professional manner, you must have a complete understanding of contracts. Take classes offered by your local MLS or office, study them line by line, and understand how wording and addendums can affect your clients.

Your market

Study your market. Understand what the average sales price is in relation to what it was three years ago, this time last year, and even last quarter. What are the average days on market and amount of inventory for sale this year compared to this time last year? The better you understand the market, the better you can serve your clients.


Finding the marketing plans that help your ideal client find you is crucial to success. Study what agents in other markets are doing by following them on social media. Learn techniques and strategies through YouTube, podcasts and books. The better your grasp of marketing, the sooner your business will grow.

Host open houses

Open houses create opportunities to be face-to-face with potential buyers and sellers. Undem said he hosted four open houses every weekend his first year in the business. One each morning and each afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. When he didn’t have listings himself, he asked listing agents if he could help them out by hosting an open house for them on their listings.

These open houses created opportunities for follow-up the following week that led to buyer and seller clients on a consistent basis. If you want to jump-start your business or take it to the next level this year, open houses are one of the most effective ways to make it happen.

Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned veteran looking to have your best year ever, refocus on the foundational strategies. Don’t get overwhelmed by what everyone else might be doing. Add value, have real estate-related conversations, and follow up with every potential client you meet. This is the path to having your best year ever.

Jimmy Burgess is the chief growth officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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