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This agent did the Knock Home Swap on her own home. Here’s what happened.

I’m Kristi Keys and I’m a real estate agent based in Texas. After a career as a legal assistant, I transitioned to real estate and haven’t looked back. I love working with and advocating for my clients. My background in law means “protect the client” is hard-wired in my brain.

It is because of this commitment to my clients that I decided I would try the Knock Home Swap™, an innovative new lending solution that promises to help homeowners buy before they sell, for myself. Before I took the new solution to my buyer, I needed to be certain that it was as perfect as it seemed on paper.

Why I did it.

Kristi Keys

I jumped at the opportunity to test out the Home Swap for two big reasons.

  1. It gave me the chance to try it out for my clients. I take my fiduciary responsibility very, very seriously. I wasn’t going to bring any new solution to the table without verifying it 100%.
  2. It was a great solution for my family and me. We were ready to make a move and had built up enough equity in our home. It seemed like the perfect time to sell, but, like so many homeowners in today’s market, we were stuck on one critical question: Where will we go? Enter the Knock Home Swap.

What I found.

The Knock Home Swap was the fix we needed. Here’s why.

It gave us an edge in this competitive market. The Knock Home Swap made it possible for us to unlock the equity we had in our old house so we could make non-contingent offers. It made it possible and convenient for us to win our new dream home.

Thanks to the Knock Home Swap, we were able to buy our new home first and sell our old house later. Without it, we would either have to move twice (expensive and wildly inconvenient) or forgo selling entirely.

The team at Knock was incredible. They were with me through every step of the process, making it seamless. Perfect example? I was in the middle of the Home Swap when the historic winter storms caused mass power outages across Texas. You might expect an unprecedented event like that to delay closing big time, but the Knock team worked around the clock to make sure my closing happened within a week of its original scheduled date.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely, positively, unequivocally…yes.

In fact, I’m recommending it to my own clients right now! I have one starting the Home Swap process and am actively recommending it to more. They’ll be able to make winning offers and buy before they sell. It’s also a win for me since agents handle the buy and sell-side of all Home Swap deals.

My advice to you?

Stay on top of trends and keep your mind open to new tools. Appreciate the people you encounter in this business and make your clients feel that appreciation to the highest level. Give them the buying and selling experience you would want.

Love what you do and whom you do it with.

Oh, and seriously: get Knock Certified! It’s a win for you and your clients!

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