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The secrets to build a long-lasting real estate career

Right now, real estate is seeing an influx of new agents, all eager to enjoy the life opportunities that this career offers. Membership of the National Association of REALTORS® is at a record high of over 1.5 million, with many people getting their license for the first time. Unfortunately, not all of these new agents are finding the kind of success that they hoped for. Faced with the reality of a very competitive environment, many are giving up on their dream of living the good life before they even really get started.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right strategy, it is possible to build a strong and successful real estate business in today’s market. Here’s what you need to put in place:

A proven business system

If you want to succeed in real estate and create a rock-solid business that lasts the distance, you need to follow a proven system, like Working by Referral. Working by Referral is all about building strong relationships with your customers. When you go above and beyond for your clients and always deliver exceptional service, the trust and loyalty naturally build. Your happy customers will refer you to friends and family, which means that you’ll always have a steady stream of high-quality referrals and you’ll never have to chase online leads or make cold calls.

Build strong skills

In today’s fast-paced market, clients only want agents with the best skills. For customers to have confidence in your ability and expertise, you need to be a true professional. Can you work with both buyers and sellers effectively? Are you up to speed with all the trends happening in the marketplace, nationally and locally? Do you always go above and beyond to consistently exceed customers’ expectations? The key to serving your clients well is to keep your skills fresh and honed. Remember – your skills pay the bills so it pays to keep them sharp!

Follow a proven training program

Only agents who have the sharpest skills will succeed at the highest levels in today’s competitive environment. Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness® program, in partnership with NAR, is the perfect launchpad for your real estate career. Designed for new agents or those making less than $100,000 a year, 100 Days to Greatness is the most comprehensive step-by-step real estate training program ever created for the industry. The program teaches you how to generate quality leads, close deals and master winning financial strategies. In short, you’ll learn how to leverage your time, money and energy to be successful in your career in just 100 days!

If you want to establish a solid foundation for a long-lasting business, what you do in the first 100 days will affect your career for years to come. Find out how 100 Days to Greatness can set you up for success today!

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