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The Biggest Stories Of The Week: Inman Top 5 (July 22-28, 2022)

Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories of the week, according to Inman readers.

Florida and California are most at risk of experiencing a housing downturn during a recession, according to Redfin. Both states saw exorbitant growth during the pandemic-fueled buying rush.

A new policy by Northwest MLS offers a glimpse at changes that could make commissions easier to negotiate and more transparent. Trainer Bernice Ross outlines how widespread adoption of this policy change could help to circumvent current and future commision-focused lawsuits.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell hinted Wednesday that the U.S. central bank is looking to dial back the pace of interest rate hikes as soon as the impact of previous increases shows up in inflation data.

The library is open, with nine reads selected by Jimmy Burgess and guaranteed to inspire you and grow your business during the shift. This ultimate cheat sheet will motivate you to get back on track with the basics and give you the tools you need to carve out your position in the evolving market.

The founder of a billion-dollar real estate tech firm, who will be speaking at Inman Connect Las Vegas, sees a recession as likely but said that focusing on profitability has helped his own firms stay resilient.

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