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The 50 State Summary Table

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Insurance producer licensing, appointments, and agency rules vary across states and the variations make it difficult to do business with any predictability – let AgentSync’s 50 State Summary Table make it easier.

As anyone who’s been in insurance long enough understands, following one state’s rules doesn’t mean you’re following them all. The difficulties of working across states are myriad, and most organizations approach these challenges through:

With AgentSync’s 50 State Summary Table, we’ve taken the top questions concerning licensing, appointments, adjuster, and business entity management and set them in a comparative grid across the states and territories. Instead of your team maintaining a spreadsheet or asking “but WHY!?!” every time you come across a nuance or variation in state regulations, have an at-a-glance understanding of how each state handles appointments or licensing.

Access the 50 State Summary Table now.

What can you find in the 50 State Summary Table?

The AgentSync Compliance Library takes a jurisdictional approach to compliance data, listing a summary of known rules for Kansas carrier appointment procedures, for example. In contrast, the 50 State Summary is our selection of the top data points for each state, listed in a state-by-state table to compare and contrast data.

So, instead of selecting Wyoming and reading through how it handles licensing, CE, appointments, etc., you can analyze how one state’s regulations compare to another’s, or scan the state-by-state regulations of Just-In-Time appointments in a quick list.

With an at-a-glance analysis of the obstacles or opportunities inherent in state compliance practices, your team can level up their knowledge and make it easier for you to do business. From providing more straightforward answers to your producers to understanding the challenges your business faces in different jurisdictions, the 50 State Summary Table provides data such as:

  • Licensing fees
  • Average licensing process timelines
  • License renewal deadlines
  • CE requirements
  • Appointment fees and deadlines
  • Average state appointment and termination processing times

The AgentSync Compliance Library

The 50 State Summary Table came out of the, an open-source library of state-by-state producer regulatory information.

If you think we’ve missed an area of nuance, or that our data needs clarification, After all, compliance is best done as part of a community of enthusiastic, curious people.

The AgentSync compliance library is intended to be one of many resources to use to verify insurance compliance information. You should always consult with the applicable state and federal regulatory authority to confirm the accuracy of any of the information provided in this database.

AgentSync is working to be on the forefront of connecting the industry, and making it easier for agencies, carriers, and producers to work together (and work with the rest of us!). By taking an open-source, collaborative approach to compliance data, we hope to encourage regulatory transparency and clarity that can benefit everyone across the industry.

If you’re ready to join us, access the 50 State Summary Table, check out the Compliance Library, and get AgentSync.

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