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The 3 must-haves for real estate tech tools

Technology and real estate have a developing relationship. Although the ‘technological revolution’ has managed to transform many industries entirely, there are certain parts of real estate that exist better… offline. However, as agents must balance the fight to both win and maintain listings, there is a certain competitive advantage that these digital resources can offer.

From productivity tools to mobile apps, there are a number of technological titans taking the real estate industry by storm. They’re empowering agents to communicate seamlessly, visualize listings, win bids, and automate a lot of the everyday, tedious tasks. As adoption of these tools grow and the use of tech resources begins to galvanize the industry, there are a few quality standards that should stay top-of-mind for any digital devices hoping to win agents’ favor.

Ease of use

For any tech tool to become indispensable to a real estate agent, it has to be easy to use. Sounds straightforward, but it’s more challenging to find user-friendly tools than you think. Interfaces are often developed in a room of full-stack engineers, product managers, and UI experts — without the consultation of the end user, the actual, real-life real estate agent. That’s a common error and one that often manifests in complex, hard-to-navigate user experiences. Agents are too busy to vet dozens of apps, so the simplicity and intuitiveness of the product have to be apparent within seconds.

Seamless integration

Another essential aspect of digital resources is that they integrate into the workflow of the agent, not the other way around. Any interruption or deviation that results in an agent having to restructure their process is antithetical to a support tool. Instead, products need to understand where inefficiencies lie in the current sequence of events and improve upon them.


Functionalities that enable the agent to be hands-off when it comes to the more tedious side of the business will quickly be embraced by industry leaders. In even a typical, straightforward sale there is so much complexity, communication, and repetition. For a tool to even relieve the agent of some of that workload would exponentially increase their bandwidth and efficiency.

Luckily, many technological tools have focused their efforts on solving just that. There are now platforms that eliminate the unnecessary back and forth that used to cannibalize an agent’s resources and give them back hours of productivity a day.

In an industry that continues to move and evolve at an unprecedented clip, tech tools will adapt alongside it. This is only the beginning of a budding friendship that will likely blossom into increased productivity, eliminated obstacles, and new opportunity. The best tech resources are the ones that were built by agents, for agents, and exist at the intersection of the two industries.

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Technology may not be a perfect concept, but it allows agents to reclaim their time and energy so they can get back to the more important things. To get started with Curbio’s time-saving tech-powered solution, request a free, no obligation estimate today!

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