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That ’70s Home: Colorful Carpet Lines Every Room Of Ohio House

It comes in purples, oranges and beiges, and it blankets nearly every square foot of flooring in this Ohio property.

Colorful carpet stretches from wall to wall throughout a home listed for sale in a suburb of Columbus, and the internet is having a field day with its abnormal take on home decor.

“Those carpet lines are stronger than my will to live,” one follower wrote in the comments of a post from the popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild.

The 3,500-square-foot home has five bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, and is listed for $325,000. Perusing the listing photos, one comes away with the impression that the only room that’s not carpeted is the basement.

Built in 1976, the home’s interior look led some commenters to speculate on whether the carpet has been replaced since then.

“The 70’s when carpeting was king,” one comment reads. 

Carpeting adorns even the bathtub platform, running all the way up to the edge of the tub itself — to the apparent disbelief of some commenters. 

“THAT BATHROOM,” read one comment vaguely. Another commenter made their issue more plain: “Up AROUND the tub?”

The carpet appears to be recently cleaned, as vacuum marks show up prominently in every listing photo.

A previous owner seemed to take great care to match the wall colors with the carpets. In the room with purple carpet, the walls are painted a similar shade of purple.

Other wall colors appear to complement the carpet rather than match it. In one room with tan carpeting, the walls were painted and wallpapered over with brown and white tones. In another, the walls were mustard yellow.

Not all the responses were negative.

“Ok but I really want the bathroom wallpaper,” one commenter wrote.

At least one other person agrees. The home appears to be under contract, and was listed as “contingent” on Zillow late Wednesday afternoon. It’s spent two months on the market so far, partly due to a previous buyer’s financing falling through, according to the listing.

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