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Tell Us About A Time That Tech Totally Screwed You Over: Pulse

Show us your tech! All August long, Inman will be talking to agents about the best technology they’re using now — everything from their favorite CRM platforms to the hottest 3D tours and everything in between. Plus, Inman tech reviewer Craig Rowe will work overtime on extra product reviews on the latest and greatest tech. 

Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

We’ve all been there: That wondrous tech tool that was supposed to save time ends up crashing and costing time instead. Or maybe that secret you thought you were sharing with one or two people gets shared with everyone and his second cousin due to an ill-timed update to a social media platform’s privacy settings.

Tech is supposed to make our lives easier — except when it really, really doesn’t. And sometimes, it doesn’t just fail to live up to its promise; it actively makes things worse, undermining our professionalism and causing us to make errors we would never make otherwise.

Today, we’re asking for those nightmare scenarios when everything that could go wrong with your tech did. Whether it’s transaction management gone awry, poorly timed email blasts or miserable mobile app experiences, we’re asking you to tell us about a time that tech totally screwed you over.

We’ll post our findings with the top answers next week on Tuesday.

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