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Tech Startup Tribus Hires Former Brokerage Exec To Serve As Coach

Johnny Pfeiffer formerly led Colorado brokerage Slifer, Smith and Frampton. In his new role, he’ll advise industry leaders on employee retention issues.

Real estate technology startup Tribus announced this week that it has hired Johnny Pfeiffer, formerly the CEO of a successful brokerage, to serve as a “success coach” at the company.

Johnny Pfeiffer

In a statement, Tribus explained that in his new role Pfeiffer will coach Tribus’ clients on employee retention and recruiting. Pfeiffer’s guidance will be part of a coaching program that Tribus launched last year, and is a response to demand from industry leaders for more help finding and keeping employees.

The statement further notes that Pfeiffer’s coaching will be especially useful amid the so-called “great resignation,” which refers to the currently tight labor market and a trend among some workers to more willingly leave their jobs.

Pfeiffer previously spent two decades working at Colorado brokerage Slifer, Smith and Frampton. He finished his years at the company as CEO and retired in 2019. The statement notes that Slifer, Smith and Frampton has more than 30 locations throughout Colorado and did $3.4 billion in sales volume last year.

In the statement, Pfeiffer described Tribus as having “an outstanding reputation in the real estate industry.”

“I was very familiar with them from the real estate sales and management side of the business and welcomed the opportunity to be involved in their expansion of brokerage support,” he added.

News of Pfeiffer’s hiring comes about two weeks after Tribus revealed that it had partnered with Slifer, Smith and Frampton to offer new information tools within the Tribus tech platform. The tools, known as the “Hot Sheet” and “Seller Updates,” function as email programs that provide market updates to agents and their clients.

Besides its relatively new coaching program, Tribus is known for providing customer real estate websites and customer relationship management software, among other things. Like Slifer, Smith and Frampton, the company is based in Colorado.

Eric Stegemann

In a statement, Tribus CEO Eric Stegemann said the company has been “on the lookout for someone that would be instantly recognizable and trusted,” and who could help advise clients on issues related to retention. And he described Pfeiffer as someone who “brings years of experience and passion for the market paired with his never-ending desire to mentor and assist office managers, staff, and owners in their daily successes.”

“Now when a brokerage signs up for any level of service at Tribus,” Stegemann concluded, “they get immediate access to him and his wealth of knowledge.”

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