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T3 Sixty’s Trends Report Predicts ‘Brighter’ 2021 For Real Estate

The 200-page report covers everything from the National Association of Realtors’ pocket listing policy to how COVID-19 has impacted the real estate industry.

Along with the myriad challenges just around the corner, T3 Sixty CEO Stefan Swanepoel predicts that the world in 2021 will look, “much brighter, more connected, and hopefully more diverse.”

Stefan Swanepoel | Photo credit: T3 Sixty

His firm’s 16th annual Swanepoel Trends Report — out Monday and available in a digital and audio version for the first time — seeks to help agents and brokers sort through those challenges while envisioning a brighter 2021.

“Peering into and analyzing 2021 and beyond, as we spend a lot of time doing, the world looks much brighter, more connected, and hopefully more diverse,” Swanepoel said in a statement. “This report provides our thoughts, as much details as we can provide at this stage and our suggestions on how to take advantage of what’s next.”

The report takes a deep dive into how brokerages can increase profits in 2021 through various methods including ancillary services and lead generation.

It also highlights the impact COVID-19 had on the brokerage business, how NAR’s pocket-listing policy is affecting both multiple listings services and brokerages, as well as housing affordability challenges, a look at real estate’s franchising business, how the industry can become more diverse and other major changes.

Earlier this year, T3 Sixty launched its own management consulting division focused on increasing diversity in the real estate industry. Led by Texas Realtor and Houston Association of Realtors board member Kenya Burrell-VanWormer, the initiative will focus on helping companies improve diversity with different strategies and initiatives.

The report contains nine chapters or “trends” and delves into the business models of Realogy of eXp Realty with in-depth financial analysis and interviews with agents and teams from each of the companies.

The forward of the report was written by Compass CEO Robert Reffkin, whose company was the recipient of one of those deep dives in last year’s report.  

“As technology has reshaped the world, agents have turned to external providers to help them run their business, whether it’s their assistants, third-party marketing firms, CRM vendors, their MLS, mobile apps, or their real estate coaches,” Reffkin said in a statement.

The report is available to order on T3 Sixty’s website, along with other reports put out by the company, like its Real Estate Almanac.

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