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T3 Sixty Creates The ‘WebMD’ Of Real Estate

The consulting and analysis firm has launched a new portal that provides digital access to its library of research and reports.

T3 Sixty, a real estate industry consulting and analysis firm, launched Wednesday T3 Intel, a new portal that provides digital access to the company’s extensive library of research and reports, including brokerage rankings, technology vendors and deep dives into the trends shaping the space.

Paul Hagey

The company, in a release, is calling the new portal the “WebMD of real estate.”

“The vault of information released at launch includes nearly 3,000 pages of high-quality research, which will grow on a monthly basis as T3 continually adds its latest research and analysis to the platform,” Paul Hagey, the executive editor of T3 Sixty, said in a statement.

Executives, brokers and agents who pay for the service — which costs $395 annually for an individual account — get round-the-clock access to all T3 Sixty’s reports, which include, the Swanepoel Trends Report, the Real Estate Almanac, the SP 200, the Mega 1000, the Tech 500 and the DANGER Report.

Users can access reports by publication title, date or by the following categories: brokers/leadership; selling/agents/teams; technology/innovation; association/MLS; consumers/legal and ancillary services.

The platform also includes a proprietary search engine for the industry, so users can discover content on topics, trends, business models, companies, industry leaders or other resources in seconds. The proprietary tool uses machine learning to rank results and grade them by value and relevance to search terms while displaying publication date, page count and a short description.

T3 Sixty has long created massive in-depth print reports, but the data has never been archived and digitally available.

The new resource comes as the industry turns the page on 2020, towards a new year, in which T3 Sixty Chairman and CEO Stefan Swanepoel predicts will look, “much brighter, more connected and hopefully more diverse.”

T3 Sixty, as an organization, spent much of 2020 bolstering its executive team, promoting Kelly White to serve as chief operating officer and Mark Lesswing to the role of chief technology officer, while Tinus Swanepoel will shift to the role of chief information officer.

The consulting firm also launched a new management consulting division focused on increasing diversity in the real estate industry, which is being led by Kenya Burrell-VanWormer.

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