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State Farm files $1.4 million lawsuit, claims fraud

State Farm is suing an auto glass company in Sarasota, FL, alleging that the windshield business has been making fraudulent replacement claims.

The lawsuit, filed last month in Florida’s middle district, named At Home Auto Glass as the defendant. State Farm accused the business of several violations, including not giving customers written estimates and invoices, dishonest subcontracting work, obtaining its business license under false pretenses, and charging the insurer inflated amounts for auto glass repair and replacement work.

“The conduct was contrary to Florida public policy and was unconscionable, immoral, unethical, oppressive and unscrupulous,” the lawsuit said.

State Farm is seeking $1.4 million in damages in its lawsuit.

Tampa Bay Times reached out to State Farm for a comment, but a spokesperson for the insurer said because the case is ongoing, “it would be inappropriate to comment.”

A lawyer for At Home Auto Glass said that the business has been basing its prices on the National Auto Glass Specifications catalogue.

According to state business records, At Home Auto Glass has been in business since January 2017. To date, it has filed 9,896 lawsuits against insurers – 1,291 of which were against State Farm, Tampa Bay Times reported.

At Home Auto Glass has filed a motion for the case to be dismissed.

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