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SolePro launches InsurForm: instant D2C quote form for agents

SolePro launches InsurForm: instant D2C quote form for agents | Insurance Business America

Increase conversions by 60% by offering instant quotes on your website

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This article was provided by SolePro.

SolePro is thrilled to announce the launch of InsurForm, an innovative direct-to-consumer (D2C) quote form that allows insurance agents to provide instant workers’ compensation quotes directly from their company’s website. This complimentary, cutting-edge tool simplifies the process of offering ghost policies, enhancing the customer experience with immediate and bindable quotes.

InsurForm is designed for ease and accessibility, with zero implementation costs and no need for coding expertise. Agents can effortlessly integrate the form into their website by simply pasting a link– complete with their branding, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation. Furthermore, InsurForm supports multiple producers by assigning unique links to each agent, enabling precise policy tracking.

Elevate your agency’s service capabilities and meet the growing demand for instant quotes with SolePro’s InsurForm – It takes less than two minutes to implement.

The rising demand for instant quotes

As the insurance landscape evolves, the expectations of clients have shifted dramatically. Recent statistics reveal that a staggering 90% of customers now expect companies to provide self-service options and instant responses.

Moreover, a study by Deloitte found that 67% of customers prefer online insurance services, and 58% expect a real-time quote feature when they visit an insurance website​​. This shift underscores the critical need for insurance agents to offer instant quotes to stay competitive.

In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, insurance agents who fail to offer instant insurance quotes are quickly falling behind. As consumers increasingly demand immediate solutions, the traditional methods of providing insurance quotes are becoming obsolete.

Agents who rely on outdated practices risk losing potential clients who prefer the convenience and speed of instant quotes. With competitors adopting advanced technologies to streamline their quoting processes, those who lag behind face significant challenges in attracting and retaining customers.

When potential clients encounter delays or cumbersome processes, they are likely to turn to competitors who can meet their needs more efficiently. This shift in consumer behavior underscores the importance of adapting to technological advancements to avoid losing market share to more tech-savvy competitors.

The importance of instant quotes

  1. Increased conversions: A report by McKinsey found that providing instant quotes can increase conversion rates by up to 60%, as clients are more likely to complete their purchase when they receive immediate responses.
  2. Customer retention: A study by J.D. Power found that customer satisfaction significantly increases when insurance agents provide instant quotes. Quick responses lead to higher retention rates.
  3. Competitive advantage: Research by Bain & Company shows that insurers who excel at digital customer service, including instant quotes, see a 20% higher customer satisfaction rate than those who do not.
  4. Digital preference: The Insurance Information Institute reports that 50% of insurance customers prefer digital channels for obtaining quotes. Offering instant quotes through your website aligns with this preference.
  5. Millennial expectations: Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey highlights that 70% of millennials prefer online interactions and expect instant information, making instant quotes essential for attracting this demographic.

These statistics clearly indicate that integrating instant quote technology, such as SolePro’s InsurForm, is crucial for meeting modern consumer expectations and staying competitive in the insurance market.

The solution: SolePros InsurForm

InsurForm is a cutting-edge solution that allows insurance agents to offer instant workers’ compensation quotes directly from their website.

The best part? Its entirely free and requires no coding skills to implement. Here’s how it works:

  1. Easy integration: Agents can simply copy a provided link and paste it into their website or marketing materials to implement InsurForm. This link can also be shared via email or text message, making it incredibly versatile and accessible.
  2. Instant quotes: Once integrated, clients can use the form to receive instant quotes, providing them with immediate premiums, not just indications.
  3. Autonomy for clients: This tool empowers clients to take control of their insurance needs, reducing the back-and-forth typically required in the quoting process.
  4. Time and effort savings: By automating the quote process, InsurForm saves agents significant time and effort, allowing them to focus on more complex client needs.
  5. Analytics insights: Gain access to journey tracking with quote statuses and reporting analytics to analyze consumer behavior. Identify and follow up with abandoners to refine your marketing messages and save costs.
  6. Organization: All customer submissions via InsurForm are saved in your dashboard, enabling easy follow-up and application tracking. All risk information, contact details, and quotes are centralized in one place.
  7. Optimized quoting: Our application, tested by small businesses, is optimized to reduce drop-offs and enhance conversions. Businesses can obtain quick and instant quotes, minimizing form abandonment.
  8. Meet insureds where they are: Collect leads 24/7 by allowing customers to submit forms on their own time. InsurForm ensures you never miss a lead, enabling you to remarket or requote with collected contact information.

Benefits of offering instant quotes

Increased efficiency

Implementing an instant quote system like InsurForm enhances the efficiency of your operations. Clients can obtain the information they need without waiting for an agent to get back to them, streamlining the entire process. This is particularly beneficial during high-traffic periods or when handling multiple client requests simultaneously.

Enhanced conversion rates

Statistics show that the quicker a potential client receives a quote, the higher the likelihood they will proceed with purchasing a policy. According to MoneyGeek, 56% of insurance shoppers are likely to buy from the first company that provides a quote​. By offering instant quotes, you position your agency to capture these ready-to-buy clients.

Keeps your lead warm

Typically, agents rely on the Assigned Risk for ghost policies. This means general indications with long wait times. By the time quotes are accurate and finalized, insureds may have gone elsewhere. SolePro’s ghost policy program, Solo X, is the best alternative to the Pool, because it offers instant, bindable quotes.

How InsurForm works

  1. Get the Link: Sign up with SolePro and obtain your unique InsurForm link. There are no minimums or requirements. And, agents own their book. Once appointed, you will be able access your unique link through your agent dashboard. Assign custom links per producer to track and manage submissions.
  2. Embed the Link: Copy and paste the link into your website or marketing materials. The form is designed to integrate seamlessly with any platform. No coding is required. InsurForm can be texted or emailed to insureds, as well.
  3. Promote the Feature: Let your clients know about the new instant quote feature through your website, email campaigns, and social media. Highlight the convenience and speed it offers.

About SolePro

SolePro is a leading provider of innovative insurance solutions, dedicated to empowering agents with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, SolePro’s quote, bind, issue platform offers instant quotes and multiple quote comparisons from 25+ leading insurance carriers.

SolePro’s proprietary ghost policy product, Solo X, is the best alternative to the Assigned Risk Plan. And, does not require mid-term audits.

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