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SNL’s Pete Davidson Exits Mom’s Basement, Moves Into $1.2M Condo

Pete Davidson, 27, has moved out of the Staten Island home he bought for his mom and into a $1.2 million condo nearby, the Saturday Night Live star revealed on TikTok.

Earlier this week, Davidson revealed he had been living in the condo since December, when he moved out of his mom’s basement and into the apartment. The apartment is still close to his mother, whom Davidson remains close to. The condo boasts two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and is in a high-rise that sits on the water and overlooks Manhattan.

“I just moved out of my mom’s house,” Davidson said, jingling his keys in the Zoom call that was uploaded to TikTok. “I’m fully out. I got a pad.” In 2016, Davidson purchased a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house on Staten Island for his mom for $1.3 million. The basement worked as a detached apartment, or what Davidson called a “man cave,” where he lived for the last five years.

The new condo boasts an open floor plan with floor-length windows overlooking Manhattan, a spacious kitchen with marble countertops and an outdoor terrace with views of the city. It is unclear whether Davidson decided to keep the Hawaiian wallpaper in the bathroom or the purple walls in one bedroom that were originally featured in the listing description. He bought the condo through an LLC, which is how he has been able to keep the purchase secret from December until now.


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Born to a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks, Davidson was profoundly affected by his father’s death and has been very close to his mom throughout his life. His career in comedy began with several shows on MTV before joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2014.

Davidson was also propelled into the spotlife for his personal life, dating numerous actresses and musicians, including pop star Ariana Grande and actress Kate Beckinsale, who is 20 years his senior.

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