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Simple, beautiful, and easy marketing tools for broker-owners — that agents love

No one understands what real estate professionals need like real estate professionals themselves. That was certainly the case for Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelich. As former Broker Owners in Colorado, they knew first-hand how difficult it was to scale their marketing efforts, create strong brand consistency, and deliver an unbeatable value proposition to their agents.

They sold their 60-agent brokerage and, rather than join the large franchise that purchased their company, decided to build a platform that could help all Broker Owners with the problems they faced.

Since then, Breakthrough Broker has been the go-to marketing tech platform for over 600,000 agents. And now, they are helping over 100 brokerages.

The Brokerage Marketing Center powers the marketing back-end of hundreds of brokerages — some as large as 90,000 agents or as small as a team of two.

In a busy landscape of tech tools and platforms, we wanted to understand what makes Breakthrough Broker custom marketing centers stand out to industry leaders who use it every day.

In a world of tight margins, how do brokers offer their agents more?

Mike Taylor is a second-generation broker. He learned from his mother that margins on a brokerage need to be tightly monitored, however agents need access to a variety of tools that fit their own way of doing business. Today, R1 Realty operates in seven states across the US.

Growth is always good, but it does come with challenges.

“As an independent brokerage with more than 1200 agents, we had a tough time managing and creating the volume of marketing assets our agents wanted,” he said.

Once they began using the Marketing Center platform from Breakthrough Broker his team was immediately taken with the ease of it all. “With a couple clicks, you have what you need. And then a couple more, and your marketing is ready for the public.”

Taylor says Breakthrough Broker has been a game-changer for R1. “Not only has it improved the efficiency of our agents, but the efficiency of our staff. It also has allowed us to reach more people in less time — while being cost-effective.”

Luxury brands need automation and customization, too

Kentwood Real Estate has been serving the communities of Denver metro for more than 40 years. CEO Dierk Herbermann says the company’s longevity and success is a tribute to “the most professional, ethical, and knowledgeable top-producing brokers that are selected to be affiliated with our esteemed brand.”

And that brand is of particular importance in the luxury market, and Kentwood saw a need to have more choices for their brokers. One of their agents recommended Breakthrough Broker.
“It became immediately clear that Breakthrough Broker (brokerage marketing center) helps us create high quality and custom materials that meet the needs of a very diverse group of top agents. It also allows us to white label the platform to have our own look and feel, which was a need differentiator.”

The impact was felt across the organization.

“We were able to have our office marketing coordinators take on more of the day-to-day needs of our agents, and no longer had to slow listing marketing down and have to go through our marketing department to be handled by graphic designers.”

“Efficiency in the process is key,” Herbermann noted. “Oftentimes a blank canvas approach to marketing is not as effective. And creating an easy integration with our local print shops has greatly improved our turnaround time on delivery of projects.”

Herbermann is dialed into every new feature release from Breakthrough Broker, applauding the team’s consistent innovation. “They are continually working on enhancing their offerings. For example, the new video creation tool is attracting a lot of attention from our agents.”

This rebrand reinvigorated a marketing practice

Creating a consistent and usable brand for marketing materials is one challenge. But a rebrand process can prove to be a chaotic and stressful time for a brokerage.

CANVAS Real Estate went through that process in 2019.

This hyper-local, Florida-based brokerage focuses on support and technology, offering all the tools necessary for an agent to be successful while providing a local anchor to market expertise.

Founder Ernesto Vega took great pride in delivering best-in-class tools and solutions for the agents of CANVAS, but saw that adoption of the tools was a struggle. “Our biggest challenge is getting agents to use all the incredible tools that we provide,” he shared. “I believe real estate agents need to learn to embrace technology now more than ever.”

Vega knew they needed a platform that balanced robust service with ease of use. “I wanted to provide the agent a simple way to market their listings and ready-made marketing materials that are relevant to our market.”

And Breakthrough Broker delivered.

“Their automated marketing for listings is by far the best of the best in the industry,” Vega declared. “Our agents take full advantage of everything from pre-made postcards to social media engagements.”

But what really stood out to Vega and team was the multi-language support — a must-have in their marketplace. “Being in South Florida, we need pre-made marketing pieces in Spanish and English,” he shared. “And not many platforms have taken the time to create relevant Spanish content.”

What better way to recruit and retain top performers?

What makes your brokerage attractive to top agents? How do you cultivate a culture where they want to stay and grow their business?

It’s very clear: Make their lives simpler with tech tools and solutions that streamline their work.

The turn-key Marketing Center offers a value-add to agents at your brokerage.

Many Broker Owners worry about launching expensive solutions that are time-consuming and difficult for their agents to use. Breakthrough Broker’s mission is to create a simple marketing platform agents will actually use, giving the brokerage the ultimate value proposition. With flexible pricing and a month-to-month commitment, this technology is designed to be accessible to all brokerages.

Learn more about Breakthrough Broker’s brokerage marketing solutions.

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