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Show Your Thanks: 8 Simple Ideas For Celebrating Your Agents

Setting aside time to honor and celebrate your agents’ successes will make them feel valued and appreciated. Here are some small gestures that can go a long way in boosting morale.

As a real estate brokerage, there are endless opportunities to toast and celebrate the success and achievements of your agents. These tokens of appreciation go a long way in encouraging your team members and showing your gratitude toward their hard work.

From landing new listings to closing record-breaking deals and achieving major career milestones, there are countless moments to celebrate throughout the year. Here are a few ways to give your agents a much-needed pat on the back.

1. Handwritten notes

Often considered a lost art form, nothing beats a handwritten note to show you truly appreciate and care for your agents.

Taking the time to write out a simple “thank you” and “congratulations” for their hard work will illustrate that you’re thinking about them and have actually put pen to paper to show what their accomplishments mean to you and your firm.

2. Personal phone calls

In our fast-paced digital world, making a phone call to agents to congratulate them on their success is a great way to show you value their contributions to your brokerage. This personalized approach and time-honored tradition is a perfect way to showcase your appreciation in lieu of an email.

3. Gifts

Customizable gifts such as flowers, a nice bottle of champagne or wine, gift baskets and baked goods are all wonderful ways to show your agents you acknowledge their wins.

Tailoring these items to fit their personality or the occasion you’re celebrating is a great way to weave in unique details that prove you truly value their hard work (and understand them).

4. Trips

Now that travel has resumed, gifting your agents with a special vacation or a travel gift voucher to enjoy with their friends and family is a thoughtful (and fun) way to honor their achievements.

Whether that’s a massage at a luxury hotel or a fully paid-for vacation to a desirable destination, celebrating your agents with the gift of travel is a great way to show your gratitude.

5. Awards

Creating companywide awards that celebrate certain thresholds and achievements can be an excellent way to recognize your agents throughout the year.

Popular awards can include a Chairman Award for agents who exemplify the brokerage’s spirit and values, a Top Producer Award that honors agents who have achieved tremendous sales success, and an MVP Award for agents who go above and beyond for their clients and team.

6. One-on-one time

Celebrating a milestone or accomplishment by taking an agent our to lunch or dinner is a great way to get in some one-on-one time with your team members and make them feel special.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to check in with them, and learn how you and your brokerage can continue to support and encourage them.

7. Financial perks

Honoring the success of your agents with a financial incentive or perk is a popular choice. Whether that’s through a bonus at the end of the quarter or with stock options, a financial gift is always appreciated.

8. Public recognition

Commemorating agent achievements with public recognition in front of their peers and executive team is a nice way to showcase your appreciation for their hard work.

Taking time during an office meeting or companywide Zoom call to shout out an agent’s new listing or recent closing will not only build morale, but it’ll also showcase how you want the company as a whole to celebrate their wins.

Developing marketing collateral such as an e-blast that recognizes a certain milestone such as a new ranking or record-breaking closing is also a great way to publicly recognize your agents.

To conclude, setting aside time to honor and celebrate the success of your agents will help in boosting morale and ensuring your team feels appreciated. Whether it’s creating specific awards, purchasing customizable gifts, taking the time for a handwritten thank-you note or making a personal phone call, these small gestures can go a long way in treasuring and showcasing your gratitude to your team.

Rainy Hake Austin is the president of The Agency in Los Angeles, California. Connect with her on Instagram

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