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Sedgwick acquires product recall and remediation service business

Although Sedgwick has been helping clients with product liability claims for years, the acquisition of Stericycle’s remediation service allows Sedgwick to offer its own comprehensive, in-house solution, the company said in a release. This solution includes the retrieval of in-market product, processing and tracking returns, working with governing regulatory agencies and more.

“The addition of Stericycle’s Expert Solutions service line, along with their talented team, brings tremendous value to Sedgwick,” said Sedgwick CEO Mike Arbour. “We look forward to offering best-in-class recall, remediation and retention solutions on a global scale under the Sedgwick banner to clients in the automotive, food and beverage, medical devices, retail, pharmaceuticals and consumer products industries, and beyond.”

“With a 25-year track record of managing some of the most sensitive and time-critical business and product crises, we know what it takes to resolve in-market challenges and uphold client commitments to customers, supply chain partners, industry groups and regulators,” said Expert Solutions senior vice president and general manager Ken Edwards.

Stericycle is a compliance company specializing in collecting and disposing regulated substances such as medical waste, sharps, pharmaceuticals, and hazardous waste. Founded in 1989, the company also offers elated education and training services, and patient communication services.

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