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Roomvu Makes Effective Web Video Marketing Fast And Affordable

Developed by a former high-producing Vancouver agent, Roomvu is a real estate video marketing software for social media, email and online marketing.

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Roomvu is a video content creator and marketing solution for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser, mobile-responsive
Ideal for: New agents and agents needing a new online marketing solution, teams, marketing admins

Top selling points:

  • High-quality video content
  • Affordability
  • Built-in video editor
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Included email engine

Top concerns:

CRM integration. The user will need a workaround to funnel captured leads into their current CRM and link content to relationship growth.

What you should know

I envision Roomvu will become a partner to a number of other industry tech players, such as CRM systems wanting to amp up marketing offerings and larger companies that offer a wide array of enterprise solutions.

The company was created by a Sam Mehrbod, a one-time real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada. Since January of this year, he’s had 8,000 agents sign up for Roomvu’s salient, streamlined marketing software.

The web-based solution offers users ready-made video content. Organized by categories such as Market Updates, Neighborhood Reports and Tips for Homebuyers, among others, Roomvu’s videos don’t merely repurpose weak stock footage. They look and perform as if each was built by a professional editor.

This is quick, consumable content most ideal for social media and email distribution, both of which can be done from within the application, either as-needed or through the calendar tool. Each video has an agent headshot and contact credentials, too.

Data that highlights market and neighborhood videos is pulled from current regional board affiliations, so it’s credible and geographically relevant.

In major cities, such as San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and the like, Roomvu footage is captured and prepared by local partners. They also include submarket reports for additional specificity.

I was surprised to see a built-in video editor, but I think it’s a very smart way to include user-generated video and store it in the same place as your app-supplied content. It’s a user’s own video clearinghouse; Use it for video home and Matterport tours, office updates or any other localized content Roomvu isn’t able to provide.

Other features include an email tool for sending videos to contact lists, agent profile landing pages with video and socially shareable branded news articles.

Know that mid-level market accounts don’t include the partner-provided neighborhood reports, but all the other video templates are there.

The graphics are clean and modern, and the video is engaging. Overall, the interface is straight-forward — I don’t envision lengthy onboarding.

I worry a little about the creation of content outside of whatever major CRM or marketing solution already in use. Yet, I doubt that software is as focused on video creation and distribution as keenly as Roomvu.

Use cases may include capturing names and numbers for export into your lead-nurture plans. Its closest competitors are Ylopo’s DyVA product and Back At You, so check these out if looking to ramp up video in 2021.

Oh, and the end credit to this cool web video marketing company? It’s very affordable. The highest account level is $110 per month.

It should be noted that Mehrbod started Roomvu as a listing photography and creative collateral studio, which suggests his team understands how to communicate real estate information. However, the company is directing its focus on its video automation line of business.

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