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REVideos Is An App For Making Real Estate Videos

REVideos is an app for creating marketing videos for real estate listings. It combines automated voice-overs and image enhancement with rapid turnaround and multiple sharing options.

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REVideos is an app for producing real estate videos.

Platforms: iOS, Browser

Ideal for: Listing and buyer agents, teams and brokers

Top selling points:

  • Simple, quick video production
  • White-labeling
  • Automatic voice-over
  • Prioritizes mobile creation
  • Affordable, scalable

Top concern:

Current template availability is limited to For Sale and Open House scenarios. I think an expansion into Market Reports, Agent Profiles and even Community Highlights go a long way to expanding the app’s value to its users.

What you should know

REVideos is an app for creating marketing videos for real estate listings. It combines automated voice-overs and image enhancement with rapid turnaround and multiple sharing options. It’s an ideal option for agents at all levels and designed to be used by marketing admins as well.

Software developers in the proptech space don’t have it easy. They’re challenged with the balance of creating a product that was often inspired by a personal experience in the industry for a userbase that has endless intrinsic hurdles to adopting technology. Time. Money. Brokerage offered-competition. Client needs. Heck, even apathy.


Tech players turn to automation to overcome adoption, but at times, that can go too far because limiting tangible engagement with software prevents understanding its end benefits.

I think REVideos nicely solves this balance issue, allowing users to leverage sharp automation features when needed while inserting personal touches and brand elements. This is likely due to its founder’s history in consumer-facing product development.

One nice touch? The app allows users alter the user interface based on their dominant hand. Left. Right. Just tap and the menus adjust accordingly.


The app pulls property photos from your phone, as well as short video snippets and basic listing details, like location, beds and baths that are entered manually.

REVideos is working on data relationships to make property input easier, but I’m not sure that’s critical given the limited nature of the content each video is intended to communicate.

And considering this is an app that can be easily scaled for brokerage and team use, it can either lean on those entities to provide data feeds or defer to the in-house practices of marketing staff. The app doesn’t in any way suffer from a lack of automation in this regard.

A built-in NLP (natural language processing) feature assembles a script that can be read by an automated female or make voice-over. Now, these tools are getting better at sounding less robotic, but it’s still pretty obvious. This is my one issue.


A good workaround is to record your own introduction and closing to the property.

Arranging clips and imagery is made intuitive with a drag-and-drop dashboard. Keep the video clips short, as the total amount of time allowed by the free version of REVideos is one minute, which is plenty.

A series of templates to be used in For Sale and Open House videos offer unique visual elements, and there are few included soundtracks as well.

Finished videos are rendered as 16 by 9 or can be set up for TikTok or Instagram as 9 by 16 or vertical.

REVideos also has a dropdown menu of color schemes and logos of all major brands, even the more noted independents, too. Those elements will be reflected in the video aesthetics, as well as on the branded Share Page, which is the landing page where users can find your content.


Sharing is easy. From the Property Video page, which lists all those you’ve completed, select Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or a URL for a brand-free MLS version of your content. Videos can also be downloaded, texted and emailed.

There’s a free version of REVideos, which should offer most users plenty of what they need. Or you can make in-app purchases per video to have your images automatically edited, to add more calls to action and a follow-up form. This is a smart pricing model for agents. Controlling marketing costs isn’t easy, especially for those tools that demand long-term contracts.

Where I believe REVideos can ultimately excel is in white-labeling its platform. It’s ideally structured to become any team or brokerage’s in-house video content tool, which I think would make a very sharp, worthwhile addition to what brokerages offer current agents and recruits.


Marketing staff would likely be excited to have this sort of streamlined, common-sense content creation app on their phones and desktop, as it’s already setup to accept a list of agent profiles to assign to each video. Its included branding elements menu can easily be adjusted to a team structure, too.

The idea here isn’t to offer long-form video production but instead to allow agents a way to offer clients simple and modern marketing assets. There’s a lot of development talent behind this emerging app, too, which tells me they’ll be able to adjust and scale with their users.

REVideos affordable enough for any level of agent and feature-rich enough to be part of larger marketplaces and MLS offerings.

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