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Resilience & focusing on the “endgame”

Margaret Redd (pictured), executive director at the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) and speaker at this year’s Women in Insurance New York virtual summit, spoke to Insurance Business about the growth that comes out of uncomfortable experiences.

“Resilience helped me understand the significance of being able to bring your best self to the table even if you’re not in the best situation,” said Redd. “I’ve learned to adapt, focus, and discipline myself.”

Redd emphasized how focusing on the “endgame” has been crucial in both her personal life and career. She has used challenging experiences to build muscle, and create the motivation needed to achieve her goals.

“The more muscle you build over your lifetime, the more you’re able to understand the value of forward thinking,” Redd explained.

“I am a creative person that has launched companies and created new programs and divisions from scratch,” said Redd. “I don’t have to see the whole picture to grasp the vision and work to help make that vision a reality.”

“Over the last year we had more quiet, reflective time that many of us ever had before,” she said.

Redd also mentioned that one of the most meaningful changes over the course of the last year had been the transparency and vulnerability that individuals have demonstrated.

“This pandemic is showing us what we can do, how we can adapt, and how we can embrace and effect change,” said Redd.

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Exposure to difficult situations like the pandemic, provides opportunities to reflect, listen, and learn.

“There are many things in life that will knock us down,” Redd concluded. “The big question becomes: how will you respond?”

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