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Realogy Taps MoxiWorks For Company-Wide Technology Partnership

In a video call Tuesday, Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider told Inman MoxiWorks will provide its full product suite, including solutions for marketing, recruiting and website creation.

Realogy, the massive real estate holding company with approximately 187,500 agents in the United States, has hired MoxiWorks to serve as an enterprise-wide technology partner in its open ecosystem model, Inman has confirmed.

During a video call Tuesday, Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider told Inman MoxiWorks will provide its full product suite, including solutions for customer relationship management, marketing, recruiting and website creation.

“We are incredibly excited to share that MoxiWorks is now an enterprise partner and is going to be a part of that ecosystem,” Schneider said. “Our agents and franchisees will be able to access their whole product suite and their MoxiCloud as part of the Realogy value proposition.”

Ryan Schneider

“Beyond my excitement on the MoxiCloud product suite, its track record and the productivity it drives, we have the same view about open architecture,” Schneider added. “That’s what made it really attractive to both of us, is that we shared the same vision.”

MoxiWorks’s offering of cloud-based marketing and business oversight software, and its industry longevity, overlap well with Realogy’s highly variable brands and sheer number of offices. MoxiWorks’ products scale well, meaning its capabilities adjust to brokerages of all sizes.

Realogy operates in 115 countries and territories, according to its website. That variety of office size, location and market value makes creating a single, closed-ecosystem technology solution very challenging, according to Schneider.

“The idea that you’re going to build or buy one system that is the best for everybody — I just don’t buy it,” Schneider said. “Whereas, a couple of really strong offerings for people to choose from, first-party products that we build, [which] are great, and you get a powerful thing like Moxi, we think it will lead to better outcomes over time. We think it’s a competitive differentiator.”

Realogy’s existing technology partnerships, such as with OJO Labs, and its other first-party efforts, will remain intact, and important to their approach going forward. “That doesn’t change,” Schneider said.

While Seattle-based MoxiWorks already developed a large-scale solution for the offices within Century 21 Canada, a Realogy Holdings Corps. (NYSE: RLGY) brand, that relationship is not related to this announcement, according to Realogy’s Adam Dalezman, senior external communications manager – technology.

“The timing was impeccable, but HUB21 is completely unique to Century 21 Canada,” Dalezman said in an email. “There is no connection here, it just happens to be a good backing point for why we decided to work with MoxiWorks.”

C21 Canada operates under a master franchise agreement, which provides more autonomy for critical business decisions.

MoxiWorks and Realogy have been in talks for several months about the relationship, and MoxiWorks has hired staff specifically to serve and support Realogy brands and brokerages.

Access to MoxiWorks’s products will be free and opt-in, according to Schneider. Some companies already have access to it.

“Our journey is both a lot of really good engineering internally to build products to support our agents and franchisees, while also curating a lot of good things to bring in from others to connect to our world,” Schneider said.

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