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RE/MAX Launches New Ad Campaign Highlighting Real Estate Agents

“The Right Agent Every Step of the Way” campaign follows on the heels of last year’s ads, which highlighted the importance of human connection in the real estate transaction.

RE/MAX is launching a new advertising blitz highlighting the importance of finding the right real estate agent at a time when the company is making deep investments in new technology for agents and franchisees.

The new campaign, titled “The Right Agent Every Step of the Way,” follows on the heels of last year’s campaign, which highlighted the importance of human connection in the real estate transaction.

Abby Lee | Photo credit: RE/MAX

“The expertise of RE/MAX agents has been proven time and time again, but it’s about more than that,” Abby Lee, RE/MAX’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, said in a statement. “We want clients to feel connected to their agents and the brand even in times of uncertainty.”

“This campaign illustrates the increasingly important role a skilled agent can play in the lives of buyers and sellers by going on a journey of lifestyle discovery with them following a year where the meaning of home took on new importance,” Lee added.

It’s the sixth consecutive year that RE/MAX has partnered with digital advertising firm Camp + King. Together, the two companies also showed the ability to pivot in a time of crisis when the pandemic hit, adding new campaigns that spoke to the current climate. 

As with prior campaigns, RE/MAX agents can take the new marketing collateral and personalize it with the company’s video editor platform. Using the RE/MAX Hustle website and video editor tool, agents can personalize the commercials with their name, photo, contact information and a short message.

Agents can also use the customizable video tool for listing announcements, or just messages to reach their spheres.

“For RE/MAX agents, every client relationship is a unique opportunity to serve,” Lee said. “The customizable features of the RE/MAX spots and newly launched Hustle Video Editor Tool give agents the flexibility to go beyond the brand strengths and zero in on why they are best suited to be their client’s partner and guide on this journey.”

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