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Putting diversity at the heart of business culture

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) is at the heart of QBE North America’s culture, with the company working to nurture a diverse environment of collaboration, equity, accessibility and inclusiveness. Those efforts led to the company being named to IBA’s 2022 5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion list.

Diversity and inclusion is rooted in QBE North America’s culture and not merely confined to a single initiative or program. The company feels that better outcomes can be achieved when a corporate culture is truly inclusive and allows every employee to bring unique knowledge, skills and perspectives to the table.

“One of the things we are most proud of in our DEI&B journey is creating opportunities for underrepresented students to learn about the insurance industry and gain educational scholarships and internships,” said Michele Lamarre, head of DEI&B at QBE North America.

QBE North America’s priorities also include expanding its internal surveys to measure employees’ sense of belonging and psychological safety, the company said.

QBE’s employees hold their leaders accountable for achieving a diverse mix of talent and ensuring that everyone can participate in the company’s endeavors. The company’s business resource groups foster a supportive environment that aligns with the company’s mission, values and goals.

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The QBE Foundation also works to improve communities by partnering with not-for-profit organizations around the world to provide greater access to opportunities and resources for excluded or marginalized groups.

Lamarr said she expected diversity and inclusion to become more important across the industry as time goes on.

“I anticipate the movement to continue strengthening and representing all dimensions of diversity as long as we keep our foot on the pedal to move forward,” she said. “Additionally, bringing ‘belonging’ further along, allowing employees to feel secure and authentic in sharing their feedback and ideas will be a huge focus. I expect the DEI&B journey to continue its progress and the insurance industry to make greater strides in advancing its efforts in this area.”

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