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Pulse: What’s Your Top Tip For Second-Homebuyers?

Property investors rode a wild wave during the pandemic, with the short-term rental market stopping, then restarting, and property prices in many second home markets soaring. What does the future hold for new second-home owners and for managers of more robust property portfolios? We’ll explore that and more, all May long, at Inman.

The pandemic has reinforced the value of investing in a getaway home — a place with more space to unwind when stay-at-home orders made city life isolating and remote work offered folks a lot more lifestyle flexibility. So, it’s no wonder that demand for second homes spiked during this time. To put it into numbers, as Veronika Bondarenko reported in this Inman article a few weeks ago, “second home purchases rose 46 percent and comprised 6 percent of all mortgages from January to March of this year.”

Considering this growth in interest and the current frenzied state of the market, how are agents helping homebuyers wanting to spring for a vacation home this year? What is your top tips for buyers wanting to purchase getaways right now?

We’ll compile a list of the top responses and post them on Inman next Tuesday.

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