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Pulse: What Does Back To Basics Mean For Real Estate In 2021?

We want to help you make more money — right now. All month, go Back to Basics with Inman as real estate pros share what’s working now and how they’re setting up to profit in a post-pandemic world.

Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

We’re inching closer to the end of the month, which means that we’ll be diving straight into Back to Basics Month here at Inman. But what does going “back to the basics” really mean for real estate professionals in 2021?

In other words, what should new agents be focusing on this year? Veterans? Teams? Indie brokers? What refreshers did you need over the course of the pandemic and now as vaccine rollouts begin to offer a light at the end of the tunnel? What basics have you had to tweak or fortify, and what fundamental points did you relearn?

We’ll compile a list of the top responses and post them on Inman next Tuesday.

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