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Pulse: The Alternative Mortgage Services Clients Are Opting For

This month, we’ll talk to mortgage leaders about where the market is headed and how products are evolving digitally to suit buyers’ needs now. We’ll also explore emerging alternative financing options that are changing the game for buyers and sellers. Join us for Mortgage and Alternative Financing Month.

Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

We’re stepping into March, which also means we’re going to be diving into and exploring a new theme. And this month, we’re offering up a wealth of information on the mortgage market and alternative financing.

Last week, we kicked off the topic by asking our readers: What alternative financing models are your clients drawn to? This is inarguably useful to know at any time, but it’s especially important to understand buyers’ preferences in today’s heated market.

The responses were sparse this week, but here are the few names that did make it through the survey. (Want to add to conversation? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.)

  • Remote signings.
  • Ribbon.

What did we miss? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: These responses were given anonymously and, therefore, are not attributed to anyone specifically. Responses were also edited for grammar and clarity. Inman doesn’t endorse any specific method and regulations may vary from state to state.

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