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Pulse: Readers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

2020 might have thrown us off balance, but now that a new year is just around the corner, we can’t help but put pen to paper and begin crafting new goals to aspire to. New Year’s resolutions are, after all, all about starting afresh.

So, last week, we asked you to share some of your resolutions and the targets you want to hit in 2021. From ramping up advertising efforts to bonding more with other agents and clients, here are the things our readers want from their work life in the new year. 

  • Make $25 million.
  • Increase advertising.
  • As always, get back to basics. Each year presents so many new voices, tech tools and marketing must-dos. A simple reset is my New Year’s resolution.
  • [Achieve] consistency.
  • I’ve already started building a lot more one-on-one “connect” time with my agents, staff members and customers. COVID pressure has created too much technological efficiency to miss the opportunity to bond. 
  • Stick to my schedule and do my calls daily. If it isn’t on my calendar, it doesn’t exist!
  • Go fishing 300 days in 2021.
  • Business wise: reconnect with the real estate world. Write more content. Life: laugh more, read more and be on the water more.
  • Concerts — lots of concerts (hopefully). Hiking road trips — lots of hiking road trips, hopefully in conjunction with all those concerts.
  • I’ve hired a marketing assistant! So, we will finally have a proper marketing and content calendar!
  • To accomplish the goals of 2020, which I should have done in 2019 because I promised them in 2018 but planned them in 2017. I did quit smoking in 1989 and never looked back. So, I’m good.
  • To let go! To question daily where my highest value of contribution exists. To hit my work goals while finding more fun and time to love my family life! To give back more and celebrate the communities that support us!
  • I really want to find a better work-life balance. Like a lot of folks, I’m working a lot more hours at home than I ever did at the office. It’s hard to leave your desk when it’s always staring at you! I also want to work out with the family at least three times a week.
  • Evaluate my workload at the Beverly Carter Foundation so I’m focusing on doing things that really matter. I’ve been so “busy” building that I haven’t thought enough about what actually makes a difference.
  • Growth. Business, personal, spiritual and overall in every aspect of my life — I want growth. Be a better team leader, mentor and trainer. A better wife, mother, daughter and friend. Make more time for the quiet and the Lord. Make time (for once) for myself doing the things and learning new things that spark joy. To meet new amazing people that turn into lasting friendships. I am going to focus on growth in 2021.
  • I always focus on how to grow and on being a better human being! This past year has taught me to be comfortable with change. We never know what will happen, but how we adapt and adjust will make us stronger. Come on 2021! Let’s make it a year to remember and to forget 2020.

What did we miss? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: These responses were given anonymously and, therefore, are not attributed to anyone specifically. Responses were also edited for grammar and clarity. Inman doesn’t endorse any specific method and regulations may vary from state to state.

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