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@properties Launches New Listing Presentation Tool

The Digital Listing Presentation integrates with @properties’ existing tech suite and is being billed as a way to save agents time and effort.

Technology-focused brokerage @properties has debuted a new cloud-based listing presentation tool that, the company says, will allow agents to easily customize their pitches and ultimately win more business.

The new tool, dubbed Digital Listing Presentation (DLP), is part of @properties’ technology suite for agents called pl@tform. According to a company statement, the DLP has a “modern interface, interactive features and drag-and-drop functionality.” It will also let agents incorporate video into their presentations, display comparative market analyses, and show off biographical information for the agents who will be involved in the deal.

Thad Wong

Thad Wong, co-founder and co-CEO of @properties, added in the statement that “the DLP reinforces the credibility of the agent, highlighting the technology and marketing that agent is going to use to optimize the client experience.”

“Step by step, it helps the client visualize how their @properties agent is going to help them achieve the best outcome for their home sale,” Wong added.

Wong co-founded @properties with Mike Golden in 2000. Since then, the Chicago-based brokerage has grown to become one of the largest real estate companies in the U.S., and today it has more than 3,500 agents in 50 offices spread across nine states.

Most recently, @properties has ventured into franchising. In February, Detroit’s Alexander Real Estate rebranded and became the very first @properties franchise. The company expanded its franchise business to Wisconsin in April.

Throughout all of this growth, @properties has carved out a unique niche in the industry for its emphasis on technology and for its ability to develop digital tools for its agents. The DLP follows in that tradition, with the company’s statement on the tool noting that it was developed in-house. The statement adds that @properties marketing and programming teams created the tool, but that they did so with input from agents.

The statement goes on to say that integrating the DLP with @properties’ technology platform should save agents time. That’s because, among other things, the tool can automatically access information about clients and their property from the company’s customer relationship manager (CRM). The DLP can access other information as well, such as comps and an agent’s recent transactions, and the idea is that all this cross pollination of data will streamline agents’ workload.

Mike Golden

In a statement, Golden — who is also co-CEO of the company — framed the DLP as the next step in @properties’ pattern of finding “innovative ways to harness technology to give our agents an advantage.”

“As with the entire pl@tform suite,” Golden added, “the DLP is designed to support our agents so they can focus on what they do best — build relationships and sell homes.”

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