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Open the new ‘front door’ of dashboards with a better MLS-powered single sign-on

While the concept of a single sign-on (SSO) dashboard is not new, we must consider where it started in order to set our sights on future innovation.

SSO itself is a technology that makes it possible for a user to log in at a central location, then access additional sites or applications without having to re-enter any password permissions. MLSs (Multiple Listing Services) have long provided tools such as single sign-on solutions to their brokerage and agent subscribers that today seem obsolete. This technology has not evolved at the same pace as the needs of MLSs and brokers, creating a stagnant product offering in the SSO space with limited customization available.

Today, to deliver on many of the features MLSs and brokers are requesting, it is time for competition within the MLS dashboard space. Real estate technology industry leaders must now focus on modernization with a goal to make the user experience frictionless.

Join us in reimagining a modern SSO dashboard with a focus on what MLSs need and want with Remine.

Gone are the days of extra “upsell” costs and fees each time you want to add a new partner to an SSO instance. With dashboard provisioning tools that empower association and brokerage partners to build their own custom branded experience, a static login page is now a feature of the past. The ease and ability to authenticate with Facebook, Google, and other platforms will no longer be an added feature, but something that is seen as a standard for brokers and agents. Additionally, brokers can finally add SSO tiles for products they buy such as MoxiWorks, Skyslope, KW Command, Facebook’s Workplace and Dotloop directly on their brokerage custom dashboard provided by their MLS. Technology needs to meet accessibility in today’s terms, rather than in the outdated ways of past platforms.

With a focus on streamlined communication and optimized user experience via messaging, news, and event postings. this modernization allows the MLS and brokerage to interface more effectively with their audience. Also, as an administrator, the time spent wondering about product adoption and market performance is simplified using built-in features that are accessible with the click of a button. The use of this technology will create time-saving opportunities to cut down on redundant messaging and focus on worthwhile strategies.

Implementing the inclusion of these tools within their platform, Remine accurately distinguishes itself as the new “front door” for MLS and brokerage technology. By setting a standard of innovation and bringing much-needed change and market diversity to MLS-focused SSO dashboards, you can work smarter with Remine. In establishing their focus on modernization, you would be hard-pressed to not see these outstanding features that truly reimagine the SSO experience.

Join Remine and the MLSs that have a commitment to the modern vision of SSO.

About Remine

Remine is revolutionizing MLS software solutions. We offer a complete MLS 2.0® operating system for MLSs which includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), Add/Edit, Database, and RESO Platinum API solutions. In addition, Remine offers SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management, and MLS Website.

We’re built by real estate industry experts, who know what it’s like to be in the trenches. We understand the need for transparency and ease, because we’ve been there too. Everyone at Remine from software engineers to support specialists knows what it takes to break barriers towards modernizing the industry. We wake up every day ready to help our customers implement strategies that make their business stronger.

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