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‘Online Reviews Don’t Matter’: 5 Marketing Myths Debunked

Marketing has become an essential element of the real estate business. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about how to effectively market yourself and your listings. Here’s the truth agents need to know.

As our world continues to evolve towards a more digital landscape, marketing luxury properties effectively and efficiently is becoming more important than ever.

With marketing becoming an essential pillar of the real estate industry, many agents are under the impression that they need to spend big bucks or solely advertise on social media to land a buyer for their listing, which isn’t always the case.

Here are five of the most common marketing myths debunked.

1. You need to be on every social media platform 

One of the most common myths that exist is that you need to have a presence on every social media platform in order to effectively market your business. This is simply not the case.

Do your research and determine where your target audience spends most of their time. From there, determine which platforms would perform best in order to reach your audience.

In the long run, it’s better to have fewer accounts that are updated regularly with thoughtful and engaging content than spreading yourself too thin online.

2. Page 1 of Google Search page guarantees success

Being at the top of your organic keyword search on Google is amazing, but it doesn’t always translate or convert to more business.

You want to ensure that you’re utilizing specific key phrases to optimize true engagement and generate real leads. Long-tail keywords tend to produce more targeted results and better matches that equate to converted business.  

3. Mobile traffic doesn’t convert well

Having a mobile-responsive website is an absolute must as more and more users are tethered to their phones and devices throughout the day. If you want mobile customers to spend more time on your website, you must make it mobile-friendly.

Some ways to achieve this include making information easy to find, ensuring website speed and responsiveness is optimal and keeping your web design simple.

4. Online reviews don’t matter

Your clients are your biggest asset and oftentimes a key driver of new business. Ensuring their satisfaction is paramount as many users trust online customer reviews above all else.

It has widely been publicized that more than 90 percent of customers read through reviews prior to purchasing anything online, and more than 50 percent of customers do not do business with a brand that has less than a four-star rating.

5. Social media ads need to be hyper-targeted

Unless your message is intended for a specific group or audience, social media algorithms work best when given the broadest range of parameters and then enabled to learn and optimize towards your desired goal. Keeping this in mind when developing your marketing strategy will ensure a successful social media advertising campaign.

To conclude, marketing has become an essential element of the real estate business, however, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding how to effectively market yourself and your listings, including that you need to have a presence on every social media platform or that mobile traffic doesn’t convert to new business.

Debunking these myths will ensure a well-thought-out and developed marketing strategy that effectively and efficiently lands buyers for your listings, as well as produce new business opportunities.

Rainy Hake Austin is the president of The Agency in Los Angeles, California. Connect with her on Instagram

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