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One creative way agents can drive up sales in a competitive market

Capturing clientele boils down to one simple thing: thinking outside of the box.

While advertising to prospective buyers is not always an easy feat, custom branded moving trucks have proven to be a great resource for collecting new leads. These trucks are seen on the road and attract attention, putting you at the top of prospective clients’ minds when it comes time to think about buying or selling. Having your own moving billboard is even simpler than you would think.

Practically everyone needs a moving truck when they buy or sell a home. Real estate agents can leverage this need by loaning a moving truck out to their clients and advertising, “Buy or sell with me, and use this truck for free.”

Not only can you offer a huge benefit for your clients — who will then spread the word about having a complimentary truck at their disposal — they will be driving the truck around. Clients will be advertising for their own real estate agent as they roll through your community!

The best size for your custom moving truck is a 14- or 15-foot truck. This size is practical for moving and can fit a two-bedroom home in it while still being easy to maneuver for any driver.

Since you will be taking a liability risk when offering this value-added service to your clients, it is paramount to find an insurance program that protects you while you loan your truck out. It is recommended to have $5 million worth of liability and comprehensive and collision coverage. There is also legal documentation and software you will need to consider that is offered by truck rental program experts.

Designing custom graphics is the most exciting part of having your own branded truck. Graphics are so dynamic and are only limited by your imagination. You could completely wrap your truck from headlights to back ramp, or go with a more conservative design. Graphic designers can help bring your vision to life and can fit any budget. You may even consider working with other local companies by allowing them to advertise on your truck and charging a fee to offset the cost of your truck.

Park your truck in a prominent location to garner a lot of attention. Eye-catching graphics installed on the side of the truck create a personalized, moving billboard. The truck advertises your business constantly, anywhere and everywhere it happens to be, day and night, 24/7. Not only will you differentiate from the competition, but you will also be able to give back to the community you serve. Another great use of your truck is for community good will. Donating the use of the truck to local charities is a great way to get your real estate company’s name positioned in a positive light.

The visual impact of a mobile billboard with the power to place your message where your clients are can be accomplished now with the lowest cost per impression of any major advertising medium.

On The Move is a company that offers real estate agents the chance to add a value-added service by operating their own rental trucks while advertising their company with eye-catching graphics. For more information, visit

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